BUT Film Festival Starts Today, Showcases B-Movies, Underground, and Trash Films

The festival presents alternative performances and musicians alongside the vigilante and female revenge movie theme.

On Wednesday, August 31, BUTFF will launch its 17th edition under the theme of vigilante and female revenge movies. The festival will run until Sunday, September 4 and encompass films, music, performances, and meetings with genre creators such as Pollyanna McIntosh or Vanessa Morgan. 


During the opening night, the festivalgoers can admire a performative music act by Swagemakers (violin) & Swarth (voice), artists who never rehearse but get inspired by where they are. Anouk Veerkamp will present her art project Revenge and Melancholy, in which she explores the emotion of vengefulness. 


Alongside a rich programme of B-movies, underground, and trash films, BUTFF presents alternative and unobvious performances ranging from spoken word and theatrical acts to dance shows. 

Michon van der Heijden will speak “Words from an unhappy grown woman, seeking redemption, she’s stretching nicely, her Tinder bio once spoke. Now she’s speaking for real. What bullshit.”

Lisa Chudalla will serve a performance that’s hard to watch. Expect anything from swallowing knives to extreme illusions. 

Eleni Ploumi developed a dance performance “knocking on my mind” specifically for the festival, in which obsession and de(con)struction reside.


On Saturday, September 3, BUTFF will host a film and music market with posters, clothing, Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs, vinyl, books, magazines, merchandise, and more B-movie and underground-related objects, both new and used. During the market, a signing session will take place with the festival’s special guests, such as horror writer Vanessa Morgan and main guests Pollyanna McIntosh and Robert Bronzi.

The full program is available here

BUT Film Festival is an independent festival that showcases exclusively B-movies, underground, and trash films alongside alternative performances, music shows, and visual art. The 17th edition of the festival will take place in various locations in Breda between August 31 and September 4. BUTFF is organized by Stichting Idee-Fixe with funding made available by FilmFonds and Gemeente Breda.

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