DO NOT DISTURB – Receiving Killer Reviews & Coming to More Festivals Soon

“Do Not Disturb is a blood-soaked awakening not only for the film’s characters, but for horror fans just learning of Ainslie. With this, Ainslie has established himself as a director to watch with hungry anticipation for the next nightmare.”
– Matt Konopka, Killer Horror Critic

“Ainslie’s relationship horror is one of the best of the year.”- Neil Baker, Cinerama Films

“a nightmarish stew you can’t help but enjoy.
Ainslie has made a delectable entry into the cannibal woman subgenre of horror”– Mary Beth McAndrews, Dread Central

“One of the most striking movies of FrightFest 2022.”- James Whittington, Darkside Magazine

Do Not Disturb follows Chloe and Jack’s honeymoon in Miami where a peyote trip to strengthen their marriage becomes a narcotic nightmare. As they confront their troubled relationship, they discover that this strand of peyote awakens a desire to consume human flesh. Their suite becomes an insatiable den of love, lust and carnal desire as Chloe comes to the realization that the only way to escape this toxic marriage is to literally consume Jack.


Kimberly Lafferrière as Chloe, Rogan Christopher as Jack, Janet Porter as Wendy, Christian McKenna as Wayne, Patrick McNeil as Manuel, and Rupinder Nagra as Saj


John Ainslie • Writer, Director & Composer

Rechna Varma • Producer

Michael Baker, Brendan McNeill, Ari Taub & Patrick White • Executive Producers

Scott McIntyre • Cinematographer

Jordan Crute • Editor

Director Statement

Ten years ago, I wrote the words: couple takes peyote and develops a cannibal sex fetish on their honeymoon.

The more I pitched it, the more I realized that the connection between being in a toxic relationship and being eaten alive was something people could identify with. Inspired by my own past relationships, the film explores cannibalism as a metaphor for the emotional trauma we inflict on each other. With Do Not Disturb I drop the viewer into the lives of a newly married couple going through relatable, almost mundane issues and then slowly pull them – along with the audience – into a narcotic nightmare.

Cinematographer Scott McIntyre and I worked closely together using light and dark to marry the emotional beats as good vs evil cues to match the lead character’s state of mind as she struggles to harness her own morality.

After living with this film for a decade it has been exhilarating to finally bring it to life on screen. An experience made all the more special with my spouse producing. I look forward to sharing Do Not Disturb with the strong stomachs of world.


Instagram: @do_not_disturb_movie

Official Selections at New York City Horror Festival, Grimmfest, Arrow Fightfest, and Popcorn Frights!

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