Horror Dadz Productions Launches Exhibition of Evil: A Month-Long HorrorFest

Horror Dadz Productions is happy to announce that tickets are now available for their online streaming event titled Exhibition of Evil.

This month-long event will host four feature films and four short films, all produced and directed by members of Horror Dadz Productions: Dillon Brown, Jake Robinson, Joshua Brucker, and Hunter Nino.

This event includes the premiere of Tahoe Joe, directed by Dillon Brown and Michael Rock. The film follows Dillon and Michael as they explore stories of a large, human-like creature said to stalk the Sierra Nevada Mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Michael Rock gives a glimpse of what to expect in Tahoe Joe.

“After being brought in to play the mercenary “Ghost” in Dillon Brown’s found footage horror movie, The Flock, we developed a great friendship. Some time later, I received a package from a kid whose dad went missing in the Lake Tahoe area. After talking to Dillon, we decided to investigate. I more or less wanted to help a kid find his father. Dillon was skeptical about the whole thing, but came along anyway. What we found next, none of us were expecting.”

Aside from Tahoe Joe, three other feature films make their appearance: The Wendigo, Mothman, and The Flock. The schedule of the event goes as follows:

October 7th – Dillon Brown’s The Flock

October 14th – Michael Rock & Dillon Brown’s Tahoe Joe *WORLD PREMIERE*

October 21st – Joshua Brucker’s Mothman

October 28th – Jake Robinson’s The Wendigo

October 31st – A Collection of Short Horror Films

The Flock is set to kick off the event and Dillon Brown had this to say about his film.

“The Flock at one point was a film I never thought I could make,” Brown said. “It seemed too daunting of a task to take on and I really had no idea how to even begin. But now that it is done and that it’s everything I wanted it to be, I want to see what a $10K budget can look like, and then a $20K and a $50K, etc. We’ve already proven what we can do with so little and we’re here to stay.”

The Flock released July 17th on POV Horror and Wicked Horror apps.

Jake Robinson, of South Carolina, wrapped earlier this year on his directorial debut, The Wendigo. The film follows a group of friends looking for a social media star that disappeared in the woods of rural North Carolina. Soon, they discover there is more to fear than just a couple of local stories surrounding the cursed land on which he disappeared.

He also directed two short films included in the event, Someone’s Outside and They Are Here.

Joshua Brucker, of Illinois, makes his directorial debut with Mothman, a found footage film following a sister on the hunt for her troubled, missing brother and the reason behind his mysterious disappearance. After recovering his lost video logs, they too come face to face with the mysterious entity her brother was in search of. 

“It is a story of loss, grief, selfishness, and the quest for truth,” Brucker says. “Mothman, for me, is more than a monster in the woods. There is a presence about him. The entity is a powerful, metaphysical force whose intentions are unclear.”

Mothman will premiere publicly September 17th at the one and only Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, WV. He is in pre-production for his next feature, The Woodmen.

Hunter Nino, of Michigan, has a profound love for horror and the independent horror community. As he prepares for his directorial debut, he is chomping at the bit to produce content the community will love. His short films Son and 9-1-1 are part of the line-up.

“I left a few of my jobs and took a shot at an opportunity just to say I did. Then the magic happened. Now, Horror Dadz Productions have four features and a ton of awesome content coming out and I have the opportunity to work with many talented individuals in creating the story and directing my first debut productions.”

Tickets for Exhibition of Evil: A Month-long HorrorFest are available on Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/exhibition-of-evil-a-month-long-horrorfest-tickets-395690078677). On the day of the screening, ticket holders will be given an access code to view the film digitally, which will be available to view for 24 hours. Individual tickets for each feature-length film can be purchased or attendees can grab one of the three different bundle packages and get access to a bit of everything at a discounted price.

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