Ann Greyson Joins The International Firebird Book Award Circle of Winners in 2022

Ann Greyson’s Birdwatcher won Third Place in the Paranormal category in the 3rd Quarter FIREBIRD BOOK AWARDS contest 

On October 19, 2022, Speak Up Talk Radio announced that Ann Greyson’s Birdwatcher was among the winners of the recent 3rd Quarter Firebird Book Awards contest. Authors and publishers from around the world submitted their work to the International Firebird Book Awards. Two judges from a select panel of 25 judges read each book in its entirety, and independently score each entry. Patricia J. Rullo, founder of the Firebird Book Awards, says,  “the Firebird Book Awards adds a charitable twist that allows the author’s entry fee to be tax-deductible.” 

Birdwatcher falls into the fiction genres of Horror, Thriller/Crime, Ghost, and Paranormal. The novel is set in the majestic Pocono Mountains in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania where Gillian and Lance Wincoff’s 12-year-old daughter, Abby vanishes. With little to no evidence to go on, it’s clear to the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department Detective, Philip Silverwood, who inherits the case, that Abby is the victim of a serial killer. Readers will discover the eye-opening story of Abigail Wincoff’s shocking death, and her after-life plan to bringing her parents’ closure.  

Furthermore, Author Ann Greyson explores the darkest corner of human nature entering the perverse mind of her character Joey Marks a.k.a. Ryan Messer, a psychopath who can kill without remorse and disappear like smoke. The novel’s other characters, such as waitress Estelle Rowland, interacts with this serial killer providing an atmosphere of conflict in an already dark story.

Birdwatcher is Ann Greyson’s fourth novel and is available wherever books are sold.

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