Terrifying Horror Movie “The Shimian” is Available Now on Prime Video

The Shimian, a new independent horror film, produced by Bader Media Entertainment CIC is now available on Prime Video as part of the Prime Video Direct content submission portal.

Starring Sophie Simmons, Blake Hutchings, Margot Lin, and Ashlea Winfield, The Shimian tells the sinister story of a family camping trip in a remote forest to celebrate a birthday and fix their strained relationships, but their celebrations are cut short when they learn that something unearthly is hunting them.

The feature-length movie has been written and directed by industry veteran James Peakman. Peakman, who has previously worked with ITV and Channel 4 has also directed 4th Floor of Singapore (2016) and miniseries Thrash the Trash (2021). 

You can watch The Shimian on  Prime Video by clicking here. You can buy the film for just £2.99 or rent it for 30 days for £1.99.

James Peakman, writer and director, The Shimian, said:

“With Halloween just around the corner, we’re very excited to announce that The Shimian is now available to rent and buy on Prime Video. The cast and crew have worked tirelessly to produce a film which will deliver scares, thrills, and first-class entertainment to audiences in equal measure.

A lot of hard work and effort went into making this film and we are thrilled to have our work showcased on such an incredible global platform.”

Steve George-Hilley, an executive producer, The Shimian said:

“The Shimian is the latest exciting new movie to emerge from Britain’s thriving independent film industry. These films simply cannot be made without a dedicated director, cast and crew, all of whom put a great deal of time and effort into bringing these projects to life.”  

Bader Media Entertainment CIC is a production company with a diverse team who share a passion for filmmaking. 

With offices in the UK we produce high-quality creative content for entertainment as well as impact films that carry the message of a client within short narrative films. 

Our team have combined over ten years experience in the film industry and have worked on films that have gained multiple awards, festival entries, TV broadcast and international distribution. 

We love to tell stories through the eyes of the lens and we work closely as a team to reach for the sky.


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