‘In the Grimdark Strands of the Spinneret: A Fairy Tale for Elders’ Coming Soon from British Author Keith Anthony Baird

Thematically akin to Netflix’s The Witcher and HBO’s Game of Thrones/House of the Dragon, the novella In the Grimdark Strands of the Spinneret: A Fairy Tale for Elders is the latest work by British author Keith Anthony Baird.

Centred on a female lead, it tells the story of a high-born maiden displaced from the family’s seat of power by a once loyal inner circle aligning itself with those who would usurp the throne. Barely escaping with her life, in the encompassing massacre of her family, she is spared death by the intervention of a warlock living in seclusion beyond the ancient forest. Dispatching her pursuers, he takes in the maiden of the vale, and so begins her new path in study of the dark arts.

In exile, consumed with a desire for revenge, her dark heart brings forth a transformation from fallen waif to feared necromancer – her legend growing down through the ages. Decades later, as crone of the forest, she begins to execute the outcome of a carefully woven strategy, one which will see her ascend to her rightful place as ruler of the realm. 

Laced with cold-hearted betrayals, subtle deceits, and pacts with dark forces, her stratagem comes together in a relentless blood feast which sees all laid low in her want for justice. Rich in fairy tale atmosphere, dread, and fantastical creations, the story will appeal to lovers of dark fantasy and folk horror alike.

Release date: November 22nd

Format: Paperback & eBook

Publisher: Brigid’s Gate Press LLC

Kindle pre-order link: mybook.to/GrimdarkStrands

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