NEW EPISODE – ‘Oh Hell No… with Marlon Wayans’ w/ Singer and Actress Kelly Rowland – on Facebook and Instagram

This week’s new episode of Oh Hell No… with Marlon Wayans, hosted and executive produced by actor, comedian and writer Marlon Wayans, is available now on Facebook and Instagram, featuring singer and actress Kelly Rowland, as she takes on her fear of claustrophobia on a ride through a virtual abandoned mine.

Episodes are available on Marlon Wayans’ Facebook and Instagram pages as well as Messenger’s Watch Together. Meta Quest 2 users can experience the same VR scares as the show’s celebrity guests on Meta Quest TV.

Watch the brand-new episode: HERE

  • Episode Title: Kelly Rowland Goes Six Feet Under
  • Episode Description: I’m sending Kelly Rowland screaming down a virtual abandoned mine to get over her fear of claustrophobia. Buried alive takes new meaning, as she’ll be fighting for survival! Join Kelly in the ‘six feet under’ challenge now by using your Meta Quest headset. Catch your favorite celebs on “Oh Hell No with Marlon Wayans” every Wednesday on Facebook and Instagram.

Some highlights from the episode include:

  • Kelly explains how her claustrophobia started after being stuck in an elevator for almost an hour while pregnant. [1:22 – 2:03]

○      “Let me ask you a question. When did your claustrophobia start?”Marlon Wayans

○      “When I was pregnant, I remember being stuck in an elevator. My husband tried to just calm me down the whole time.”Kelly Rowland

○      “Where?”Marlon Wayans

○      “In our building. We were stuck there for, like, 45 minutes to an hour, and I was pregnant.”Kelly Rowland

○      “Oh, you know what? I gotta give it to your husband, ’cause if I was stuck in an elevator, I’d be screaming like the pregnant woman, like, ‘Get me out!’ Anyway, because you’re my friend and I love you, I’m going to help you conquer your claustrophobia by sending you down a tiny mineshaft in this cart.”Marlon Wayans

○      “In here?”Kelly Rowland

○      “Yeah. You trust me? You shouldn’t. Come on. Come on.”Marlon Wayans

  • Kelly rides through the virtual mine, enduring twists and turns, fiery explosions and encounters with loose spider webs.[2:50 – 3:51]

○      “Okay. Okay. Okay. We’re getting faster. It’s getting faster. Oh, boy.”Kelly Rowland

○      “Is that a fire? Fire!”Kelly Rowland

○      “Take deep breaths. Don’t hyperventilate.”Marlon Wayans

○      “I’m not gonna hyperventilate. Oh!”Kelly Rowland

○      “We call that the ‘oh, hell no’ spider web. Comes with actual spiders.”Marlon Wayans

○      “Left or right? Which way are you gonna go? Okay. Right it is.”Marlon Wayans

○      “Oh, God! Oh, God– okay. Now I feel like I should’ve went that way. Oh! What is that? I should’ve went left. Oh, my God!”Kelly Rowland

  • Kelly enters a small virtual elevator, facing her fear of claustrophobia head on as it starts to lower deeper into the mine.[4:20 – 5:47]

○      “This is where it gets really dark and really small. This is where I wish I could be with you, but I can’t ’cause I don’t have claustrophobia.”Marlon Wayans

○      “What’s past here?”Kelly Rowland

○      “Remember when you said you were scared of the elevator when you were pregnant? Well, it’s about to happen again. Have a nice ride down.”Marlon Wayans

○      “Oh, my God. Okay.”Kelly Rowland

○      “It’s a small one. Very European elevator.”Marlon Wayans

○      “Ah, there’s a spider over there. Are we going lower?”Kelly Rowland

○      “Yeah, this is a secret entrance to a Diddy party.”Marlon Wayans

○      “I have to get out of here y’all. Stop shaking me!”Kelly Rowland

  • Kelly confronts her claustrophobia in real life by spending 30 seconds in a coffin. [6:47 – 7:20]

○      “So we tried to conquer your fear in the VR, but I wanna conquer your fear in real life. Okay?”Marlon Wayans

○      “Okay.”Kelly Rowland

○      “Come with me. We’re gonna take you over here”Marlon Wayans

○      “And put me in here?”Kelly Rowland

○      “Well, not put you. Lay you in there.”Marlon Wayans

○      “It’s the same thing, Marlon.”Kelly Rowland

○      “They say if you stay in there for 30 seconds… You can conquer your fear.” – Marlon Wayans

○      “Just get in there?”Kelly Rowland

○      “30 seconds.”Marlon Wayans

○      “Okay, I can do it.”Kelly Rowland

  • Watch Episode: HERE
  • Trailer: HERE
  • Marlon Wayans’ Facebook and Instagram Pages: FB HERE, IG HERE
  • Tune-in: Oh Hell No… with Marlon Wayans debuts new episodes every Wednesday at 9amPT/12pmET. There are (6) episodes total. 

○      Episodes can be found on Marlon Wayans’ Facebook page: and on Marlon Wayans’ Instagram page: as well as Messenger’s Watch Together. Meta Quest 2 users can experience the same VR scares as the show’s celebrity guests on Meta Quest TV.

  • Series Description: Marlon Wayans is challenging a few of his friends to go face to face with their biggest fears in VR! These immersive experiences have them screaming, crying, jumping, …and of course, saying “Oh Hell No!” Don’t believe us? Take the challenge yourself using your Meta Quest headset, or catch the show every Wednesday only on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Production: Oh Hell No… with Marlon Wayans is produced by Jesse Collins Entertainment. Jesse Collins, Dionne Harmon, Madison Merritt, and Elaine Metaxas serve as Executive Producers for Jesse Collins Entertainment. Marlon Wayans and Rick Alvarez also serve as Executive Producers. Rachel Weintraub serves as an Executive Producer and showrunner. David Goldman and Shantal Anderson serve as Co-Executive Producers.
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