Exclusive Clip From The Next Episode Of Meta’s New Original Series “Oh Hell No… With Marlon Wayans”

We are excited to be sharing an exclusive clip from the next episode of Meta’s new original series Oh Hell No… with Marlon Wayans, hosted and executive produced by actor, comedian and writer Marlon Wayans. In the new series, Marlon Wayans is challenging a few of his friends to go face to face with their biggest fears in VR! These immersive experiences have them screaming, crying, jumping, …and of course, saying “Oh Hell No!” Don’t believe us? Take the challenge yourself using your Meta Quest headset, or catch the show every Wednesday only on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Episode Description:
    • Episode Title: Loren Gray Crashes Down
    • Episode Description: Looks like there might be a system failure on Loren Gray’s VR plane experience. Does she overcome her fear of skydiving or will the plane go up in flames?! Conquering this fear comes down to a matter of seconds! Try to beat the clock yourself by using your Meta Quest headset. Catch your favorite celebs on “Oh Hell No with Marlon Wayans” every Wednesday on Facebook and Instagram.

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