Award-Winning Asian-Canadian Author and Blogger La Carmina has just Released a Book About Satanism

La Carmina’s The Little Book of Satanism is the first accessible book to chart the development of Satanism over the centuries. It includes:

– A foreword from Lucien Greaves, spokesperson / cofounder of The Satanic Temple
– The Devil’s biblical origins and his various names, appearances, and symbols
– Satan’s historic role as a scapegoat, from medieval witch trials to the 1980s Satanic Panic
– Modern philosophy, rituals and practices, focusing on The Church of Satan, The Satanic Bible, and The Satanic Temple
– The Devil’s influence on art, literature, music, and films — from Paradise Lost to Rosemary’s Baby.

La Carmina’s guidebook explains how Satanism developed in the context of social history, while debunking lurid conspiracy theories about serial killers and ritual abuse. Discover the fascinating history and culture of Satanism through the ages, and learn why many Satanists today stand up for free inquiry and personal liberty.

Here are the full details about “The Little Book of Satanism: A Guide to Satanic History, Culture, and Wisdom.” (Ulysses Press / Simon & Schuster)

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