British ‘Dark Artist’ Mister Sam Shearon Brings Back Ancient Lore and Horror to Christmas

Mister Sam Shearon has released his third set of CREEPY CHRISTMAS greeting cards and signed prints. Among the creatures and characters are Santa Claws, Belsnickel, The Snow Queen, Rabid Rudolph, Gryla, Nuuttipukki (the great black goat-man), Mari Lwyd (the haunting horse of Welsh folklore), creepy snowmen, and the mighty King Krampus. All forty designs are spread across three packs, but if you buy all three, you’ll also receive an exclusive card depicting a grumpy lone ‘Nisse’.

“The Merry Macabre Winter Warnings theme began as a series of Creepy Christmas sketches while I was at university in the late 1990s. This third series of illustrations depicts some of history’s creepiest characters from various Winter folkloric traditions across the world, and some of my own invention are also included,” said Sam Shearon. “I want to remind everyone that this season, the season of death, is BRIMMING with ghost stories and tales of monsters that visit towns at night or lurk on the edges of forests during the winter months, ready to snatch away the badly behaved or simply the unwary! It’s a time that is far, far darker than Halloween—something few people are aware of. My aim is to celebrate these stories and long forgotten superstitions and traditions, to bring them back and revive the original meaning of Christmas… it’s dark and it’s CREEPY!”

Mister Sam Shearon is best known for his artwork in the rock and metal scene with clients including Slayer, Rob Zombie, Ministry, Rammstein, Filter, HIM, Jason Charles Miller, and Iron Maiden. He has also created cover artwork for Vesuvian Media, The X-Files comic-book series, Judge Dredd, Liam Sharp’s Starhenge and Clive Barker’s Hellraiser.

CREEPY CHRISTMAS Greeting Cards & Prints are available in limited quantities to ship before for Christmas.

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