Hill Burton Films Joins Horror-on-Sea as an Official Sponsor on its 10th Year Anniversary

HB Films is delighted to support the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival in its 10th year. Experience of previous festivals has shown that Paul and his team have fostered a very relaxed, welcoming, and supportive atmosphere, and they are keen to show that support to UK independent, low (or no) budget filmmakers, just as much as they are to overseas and larger budget productions.

The principal of HB Films, Hill Burton, is also delighted to have been able to support the same filmmakers. He writes “Networking is so important to no budget filmmaking. It really is ‘who you know’ that helps – whether that is through supporting crowdfunding or having cast and crew that are known widely in the business – and that networking is encouraged by a ‘no barriers’ approach to mixing audience, cast, crew, directors, and producers at festivals such as Horror on Sea”.

It is also a pleasure to see that HB Films has directly supported at least eight of the feature films that have been selected for screening at this year’s Festival, as well as a number of filmmakers who have been supported less directly, proving that UK Independent Horror Film Making is really alive and well, and very much bouncing back, after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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