“Marvin” – Evil Has Arrived…. on Amazon Prime & Tubi TV

Marvin from director Richard Lampone and writer Jacob Stuart, watch the horror unfold on Amazon Prime and Tubi TV.   Evil Has Arrived…  Marvin stars Craig Colasanti, Thaddeus Daniels, Scott Baker ,Tina Lundahl, JoAnn Celentano and Lamar K. Cheston (Godfather of Harlem, A League of their Own, Saints and Sinners).

After the incident, Albert, a family practitioner, aimlessly searches for the perfect sure for his son’s gruesome face.  For the last 20 years, he’s been secretly collecting skins, donated by the local town sheriff.  The only criteria is they must possess the raw hide of a junkie.  This gives a whole new meaning to “operation” drug bust.

Marvin Now Available to Watch on Amazon Prime

Marvin Now Available to Watch on Tubi TV

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