Iconic Actor Robert LaSardo & More Join Cast of Highly Anticipated Horror Anthology “F’d”

Legendary star Robert LaSardo (Psych, CSI; Miami, Nip/Tuck, Bones) is set to join the cast of upcoming horror anthology F’d: 5 Tales From the End Times. In addition to LaSardo, many of the film’s leads have already been cast by actors such as Kayla Kelly, Chloe Franks, and Jenna 

The film will be comprised of 5 stories all taking place on the same day in the same universe: the day the world ends. Each segment will be directed by an up and coming horror director, written by the same creative team and filmed independently in different locations across the country.

Directors already attached include Holes in the Sky director Ash Hamilton, Dillon Brown of Tahoe Joe fame and Mothman’s Josh Brucker. 

The film is scheduled to shoot its respective segments in spring/summer of this year. Michael Joy and others producing.

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