Sunday Scares: “Changeling”

Time for some good old Irish Folk horror in today’s Sunday Scares feature…

Fear and superstition take hold of a young family during a time of great hunger in 1879 Ireland.

Ireland-1879. Margaret and Tomas have just begun their lives together with their infant son Oisin, as the threat of a second famine looms heavy over the land.

Margaret is left isolated and alone with the inconsolable Oisin as Tomas sets off to sell his Poitín. On his Journey Tomas gets a glimpse into the harrowing realities beyond their doorstep while Margaret’s mental state deteriorates at home.

Things are not what they seem when Tomas arrives back. The family must fight to overcome their fears and superstitions.

Directed by: Marie Clare Cushinan & Ryan O’Neill

Written by: Marie Clare Cushinan

Staring: Ryan O’Neill, Marie Clare Cushinan, John Ryan, and Jake O’Kane

Enjoy the film…

Festivals and Awards:

Official selection Belfast film festival 
Official selection Kerry international film festival 
Official selection Horrorigions Film Festival 
Official selection Ethereal Film Festival 
Official selection Mayo International film festival 
Official selection Romford Horror Film Festival 
Official selection Midwest Weirdfest 
Official selection Toronto Irish film festival 
Official selection 13th Underground Cinema Awards
Honourable mention Horrorhound film festival 2022
Official selection Spook Screen Cork
Honourable mention Louth International film festival 
Official selection Disappear here film festival 
Official selection Still Voices film festival

Nominated Ethereal film festival 
Best Original Score
Best Women in Horror
Best Practical effects
Best International short
Best extended short
Best Director 
Best Drama short 

Winner Ethereal film festival 
Best Cinematography 

Nominated Mayo International film festival 
Best Irish Short film 

Nominated Horrorigins film festival 
Best lead Actor
Best lead Actress 

Winner Horrorigins film festival
Best Original Score 

Nominated Romford horror film festival 
Best Lead Actress 
Best Cinematography 
Best original score
Best Non-English film

Winner Romford horror film festival 
Special Award: Best Folk Horror

Nominated 13th Underground Cinema Awards
Best Horror Film 
Best Cinematographer
Best Costume Design 
Best Production Design

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