Bayview Entertainment Releases the Trailer to Cosmic Horror, “The Empty Space”

Bayview Entertainment has released the first trailer to the comic horror film, “The Empty Space” on their official YouTube page, link below. 

Andrew Jara’s new horror / sci-fi film, The Empty Space starring Valerie Alene, Joe Sinclitico, Rachel Olson Juan Manuel Cazares, and Marlon Lewis was acquired by Bayview Entertainment. The Empty Space is winner of “Best of the Fest” at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival. Andrew Jara is best known for his previous films, Borderland and The Last Ones.

The Andrew Jara directed film stars Joe Sinclitico along with Valerie Alene, Rachel Olsen and Pablo Medina, as they tell the story of a woman (Alene) going to a support group after a violent attack left her boyfriend dead as she now deals with anxiety and depression. When her boyfriend seemingly returns from the dead, she will have to face her fears to find out exactly who or what has come back before she loses her grip on reality.

“I am so excited to be able to share this trailer. I just hope the audience is ready to go with us on this unnerving, emotional, frightening journey.”

The Empty Space is coming soon with distribution dates to be announced.

See the trailer here:

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