Greg Tally plays Lt. Commander Jacob Bridger in Upcoming film, “Cursed Waters”

Greg Tally will be featured as Lt. Commander Jacob Bridger, an unsavory naval officer who lusts for battle glory, and isn’t afraid to fight a little dirty to further his reputation.

This is Tally’s seventh film with Mahal Empire, having appeared previously in Night of the Tommyknockers, Arena Wars, Bermuda Island, Devil’s Knight, Camp Pleasant Lake, and Alien Storm.

“Mahal Empire delivers,” says Tally. “I’m proud of my ongoing collaboration with them, and partnering with top notch directors like Adam Werth, Brandon Slagle and Michael Su.”
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SYNOPSIS: After their ship is sunk in a naval battle, a group of pirates flee to a nearby island. However, the island is more than it seems. As they try to evade capture by the navy they soon find that the island is inhabited by a terrifying cult. What other secrets does this island hold? Can the pirates survive? Can they escape?

Cursed Waters pirate film shooting July 6th-21st, 2023 in LA

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