The feature film adaptation will follow a college freshman named Cassie and the aftermath of cutting ties with her toxic family. Cassie has been battling with a lot of self-doubts with her choices; however, it is this same reoccurring nightmare every morning that keeps her on edge. When this particular nightmare becomes too real, taking over her physically, she reaches out to her therapist, Dr. Reid. Cassie hopes to find some answers and put an end to her night terrors.

Only, it is Cassie who must confront the truth herself when she comes to terms with reality. Cassie realizes that her reoccurring nightmare is, in fact, body memories from a traumatic event from her past. Reopening unresolved wounds, Cassie only reflects upon her one-time toxic environment, involving a mother who refuses to address the elephant in the room and her drug-addict relatives. Cassie fears that she will become a stigma of her dysfunctional family and repeat the cycle of abuse, addiction, and violence. But her greatest fear is to permanently become the terrified little girl that she once was by confronting a particular relative—her perpetrator. 

Like Nancy from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and Grace from “Short Term 12”, Cassie has the choice to cave into her past and relieve her childhood trauma or break the cycle and stand up for herself.

INNER CHILD is an upcoming feature film drama-thriller with horror elements. The story is based on a novella and a short screenplay of the same day, both written by Natalie Rodriguez.  The short film screenplay version of Inner Child placed in the top twenty of Hollyshorts, an Academy Award-Contender film festival. The novella/short story was independently published in Stray Books. The story was also featured on the Scary Stories podcast.

From Director/Writer/Producer Natalie Rodriquez:

“Inner Child is a story based on a night terror I had over the past three years, in which our leading character, Cassie, reckons throughout her journey. Like Cassie, I am also a survivor of abuse and grew up in a dysfunctional household. This story hits close to home for me and I know others who often can feel a sense of loss, distrust, and grief due to trauma. But there is hope, no matter what. This project is like my directorial feature film which I also wrote and self-produced, The Extraordinary Ordinary, on mental health awareness.”

Who’s Starring in the Film?

Well horror fans might be interested to know that Inner Child has just secured Scout Taylor-Compton, Felissa Rose, Christine Heneise and Elias Koteas to star in the film!!!

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