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A Finished Bloody Comedy!

A documentary crew follows a eccentric pimp, as one of his girls plots revenge.

FROG PIMP, originated from a short story we wrote, that I found humorous and deemed worthy of further exploration with a dedicated team. Through collaborative efforts, we co-wrote, casted, and produced the project in a remarkably brief span of one week. My inspiration stemmed from an immersion in Memphis Rap and exposure to street content creators who were interviewing individuals operating under the label of “pimps,” who often exhibited extreme styles, gimmicks, and unorthodox business models, yet possessed unwavering dedication to their profession. Our team sought to push the creative boundaries and introduce a unique twist to the narrative. To date, we have received positive reception and intend to leverage the completion of this film to secure funding for our subsequent production.

After careful consideration, I conceived of an innovative concept that pushed the boundaries of absurdity. The central character, despite the potentially fatal consequences, embraced each statement with unwavering conviction. This inspired the birth of ‘Frog Pimp,’ a portrayal of an eccentric and mentally unstable pimp hailing from a small community. Our team successfully executed the production of the short film and we are presently scheduling its initial release as a standalone feature, with aspirations of incorporating even more outrageous concepts in future projects.

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