A young waitress stumbles upon a dark and sinister cabal operating behind the scenes of the fast food diner where she works. She now has the proof she needs to bring this secret to light, but unseen evil forces are unleashed in a bloodthirsty attempt to stop her.

NOLA GOMBO loves her job at the diner, but loathes her boss KIP MEATSOCK.

The ‘day to day’ workings of the diner would grind to a halt without her, but there has always been a niggling doubt in the back of her mind that things at the diner are not totally as they appear.

Working early one morning, and while attempting to stay out of Kip’s way, Nola over hears something that is chillingly disturbing, but also seems to confirm her suspicions that the diner is a front for more nefarious undertakings.

Nola, armed now with hard evidence, attempts to convince and gain the help of her close friend and co-worker GURDIP CHUTNEY, but before Nola get to fully explain her concerns a frenzied and grizzly incident causes Gurdip’s disappearance.

In desperation Nola goes looking for Gurdip, only to suddenly and viciously have to fight for her life as she becomes the focus of a blood crazed, ghoulish nightmare.


Verity Hayes, and Jello Biafra

Directed and Written by:

Kieran Reed


“Reed has made a film that is sure to please both fans of  retro schlocky B-horror and those who can appreciate how awesomely terrifying a flesh eating burrito can be.”

“Love this definitely would like to be in the next one”


“Like most low-budget films, All You Can Eat makes the viewer wait to see its monsters, but when they appear they’re remarkable.”

All You Can Eat has been an official selection at many horror film festivals and now it’s YOUR TURN to eat it up…

More about the film:

“…began life as a proof of concept exercise, it was originally a snippet of a scene extracted from a feature length script. At the time I did not consciously consider the secton that I chose to be anything other than a vehicle with which to showcase the style and feeling that I intended for the feature. Like anything that is ‘plucked’ out of context, the snippet, that would become All You Can Eat, needed a bit of further development of it’s own to enable it to stand up on its own merits as a short narrative film.”

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