The Romford Film Festival Returns May 24th to May 30th

All aboard! Romford Film Festival Returns

The Romford Film Festival is making its much-anticipated return for the 7th consecutive year, from May 24th to May 30th. This week-long extravaganza will showcase over 160 features and shorts, treating film enthusiasts to a diverse range of cinematic experiences.

Continuing its tradition, the festival will provide a platform for emerging filmmakers to debut their works alongside established industry veterans. The line-up is a mesmerizing blend of thought-provoking documentaries shot on shoestring budgets and breath-taking multi-million-dollar spectacles with dazzling special effects. From local talents to international filmmakers from Central Asia, this year’s selection is a testament to the festival’s commitment to presenting fresh content alongside culturally significant films that have made a significant impact on the industry.

Get ready for an unforgettable opening night on May 24th, featuring the screening of Warner Brothers’ adventure movie, “Jim Button & The Wild 13.” From the creators of “The Neverending Story,” this film takes audiences on a captivating journey involving steam engines, princesses, and dancing dragons. Making its UK premiere in English, this enchanting tale is sure to captivate audiences of all ages. Other notable films include the Clacton-made revenge thriller “Morris Men,” the UK premiere of the compelling drama “Out & About,” and a trio of important and diverse films by acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Kenich Ugana.

The festival is proud to welcome renowned actress Joan Collins, who stars in the short film “The Gentle Sex.” With its nostalgic “Home Alone” vibes, this captivating production is set to leave a lasting impression. Husband and wife duo Joseph Millson and Sarah Jane Potts return to the festival with their new film “Care,” following their successful roles in “Casualty” and “Holby.” Additionally, audiences can look forward to the highly acclaimed documentary “Eric Raviious – Drawn To War” by Margy Kinmouth, which has received global recognition. Romford Horror Festival favorite “Walking Against The Rain” by Chelmsford’s own Scott Lyus will also have its final screening before its official release. And for those seeking a glimpse into a dystopian future, the trendsetting film “Coyote” offers a spectacle like no other.

However, the festival is not limited to showcasing new releases. As a special treat, three free screenings have been arranged for films that are deemed Game Changing, Important, or Ridiculous. Rediscover the erotic classic “Nine & A Half Weeks” on the big screen, a film far ahead of its time that explored themes later popularized by the “Fifty Shades” trilogy. The festival will also present the first-ever UNCUT showing of “Revenge,” directed by Tony Scott and starring Kevin Costner. Finally, prepare for a hilariously unique experience with “Ninja: The Protector,” a film cleverly stitched together from scenes of several abandoned movies.

In addition to the film screenings, the festival offers enriching events such as a masterclass by producer Charlotte Atkinson, providing valuable insights into getting discovered by producers and securing better funding for future projects. For networking opportunities, vShowcards is organizing a session on Bank Holiday Monday, and coffee chats throughout the festival will cover topics like leveraging
social media and navigating the challenges of selling your film.

Adding to the excitement, the festival is thrilled to have Bond Girl Caroline Munro in attendance, sharing captivating anecdotes from her illustrious career and offering autograph signings on Saturday, May 27th.

With 64 filmmakers flying in from different parts of the world to represent their films, the Romford Film Festival promises a truly international and diverse lineup. Over the course of the 7-day event, several thousand people from all corners of the UK, including filmmakers, cast members, supporters, and dedicated film enthusiasts, will converge on the town, making it a hub of cinematic celebration.

Festival Director Spencer Hawken expressed his anticipation, stating, “We can’t wait to bring this year’s exceptional films to Premiere Cinema. It’s remarkable how the festival has become so important to so many in such a short period of time. We have attendees who travel from places like Rome and even Kazakhstan just to be a part of this event. People return year after year to celebrate and enjoy brand new films at an affordable cost. With a full festival pass priced at just £35 and an array of reasonably priced accommodation options in Romford, costing as little as £240 for the entire period, the festival is accessible to all. It’s heartening to witness the positive impact the festival has on the town, benefiting numerous businesses in retail and leisure, often unbeknownst to them.” Last year’s festival brought nearly 2,500 people to Romford and filled several local hotels.

In keeping with its tradition, the Romford Film Festival joins forces with the Eurasian Creative Guild Film Festival to offer a rich selection of films from Central Asia. Festival Director Marat Akhmedjanov proudly stated, “This year’s selection includes some of the most exceptional films we have ever screened, featuring the biggest stars from Central Asia. It’s a privilege to bring the best of Central Asian Cinema to Romford, providing a unique opportunity for expatriates and Asian film enthusiasts to indulge in a cinematic experience not found elsewhere in the UK.” The Eurasian Creative Guild Festival, a festival within the festival, will allow Full Festival Pass Holders to enjoy the diverse offerings of both festivals on Thursday, May 25th, and Friday, May 26th, by seamlessly transitioning between the two. Individual sessions for the Eurasian Festival Films cost £4.

Mark your calendars! The Romford Film Festival will run from May 24th to May 30th,
promising a week filled with cinematic delights and unforgettable experiences. For
more details, visit

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