Alison Stover


Dan Gregory


Jose Byers


Isaac Platizky


Sam Platizky

Are all set to star in…

Detective Kelly Lang has her hands full as bodies start piling up with no evidence or leads that can help her track down the killer. All of a sudden, Martin Foster bursts into the station and admits to the crimes, saying that he’s possessed by a demon that’s actually killing people. With the help of Father Robert, they exorcise the demon in hopes that it’ll go to hell and the killing stops. 5 years later, the killing begins again. With Martin still in prison, Kelly starts to suspect that she may have arrested the wrong person. At the same time, mysterious things start happening in her apartment. Does the supernatural exist? Or is this all in her mind?

Directed by:

Jayleen S. Perez

Written by:

Andrew Kopacz

After watching Scream 5, I had an idea for a future Scream film. One with an ending that would be the mother of all reveals. After months of sitting on this idea, I decided to make this story my own. I wrote the script and sent it off to film festivals around the world and have won multiple awards ranging from Honorable Mentions, Best Feature Scripts and even have gotten myself a Best First Time Screenwriter.

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