Jeff Payne’s “The Whisper In The Woods” – Watch Now!

Jeff Payne’s new film, The Whisper in the Woods is available now – Watch For FREE!

Following the death of a loved one, two backpackers journey into the mountains to help with an emotional release. They stumble upon horrors beyond their wildest imagination. This is a horror tale about regret.

“Two years in the making. I have no words. To the cast, crew, family, friends, and everyone in between, thank you for making this little movie a dream come true.

I hope to deliver some shocks and scares, but underneath is a message. A message to hold on to your loved ones, and never take anything for granted. Regret is real. Take time for your family. Take time for your friends. Savor the moments with the people around you. Nothing lasts forever.  I present to you “The Whisper In The Woods” – Jeff Payne

The Whisper In The Woods – Short Film

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