Dark Ink to Publish IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS Coffee Table Companion Book from Heather Wixson & Patrick Bromley

Dark Ink, the publisher that released Kane Hodder and Tom Savini’s biographies along with dozens of other film and horror titles, is thrilled to announce that they partnered with CreatorVC to release a coffee table companion book of their amazing documentary film series, In Search of Darkness.

Written by horror experts Heather Wixson and Patrick Bromley, the book will feature an in-depth look at over 200 films featured in the series. Using the same format as the films, In Search of Darkness will explore each year of the 1980s and showcase movies in chronological order. The book will also include additional material including, horror icon features, “Year in Review” pages, box office numbers, and a checklist for fans to mark off the films they have seen.

“As executive producer on the In Search of Darkness series, I’m excited to present this definitive tribute to the films that thrilled, chilled, and forever changed the face of horror,” said Robin Block, Founder & CEO of CreatorVC.

The limited edition coffee table book will be available for pre-order from now until the end of summer and will ship out in early 2024 with mass market editions available in the fall of that year. The first 1,000 pre-orders will get their name in the book as well as an I Love 80s Horror gift pack.

“The ISOD film series is truly a horror fan’s dream documentary. We are excited to expand upon what CreatorVC created in their series and make the ultimate book on ’80s horror,” said Michael Aloisi, owner of Dark Ink.

This one-of-a-kind limited edition book will be a showpiece in every horror fan’s library and the ultimate collectible to get signed at conventions by all your favorite horror legends.

Pre-Order Link:


Book Trailer:


Book Details:

-10 x 12 Glossy Hardcover

-Limited Edition Cover

-Each Copy Numbered

-Over 200 films

First 1,000 Pre-Orders Get:

-Name in the Book

-Stadium Cup

-TV Squishy



-11 x 17 Checklist Poster

-100 8 x 10 signed photos from horror legends randomly inserted into orders

About the Authors:

Heather Wixson was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs and moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to follow her dreams. A 15-year veteran in the world of horror entertainment journalism, has spent her career as a writer and supporter of preserving the history of horror and science fiction cinema. Throughout her career, Wixson has contributed to several notable websites, including Fangoria, Dread Central, Terror Tube, and FEARnet, and she currently serves as the Managing Editor for Daily Dead, which has been her home since 2013. Wixson has also written for both Fangoria Magazine & ReMind Magazine, produced the first installment of In Search of Darkness and is the author of Monster Squad as well as the Monsters, Makeup & Effects book series.

Patrick Bromley has been writing about film since 2004 and is a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association and Online Film Critics Society. As Editor-in-Chief of F This Movie!, Bromley hosts a weekly podcast and manages a full site devoted to the love of movies. His writing also appears on Daily Dead, Bloody Disgusting, and various other publications. Bromley has been an obsessive fan of horror and genre films his entire life, watching, re-watching and studying everything from the Universal Monsters of the ’30s and ’40s to the modern explosion of indie horror. He lives in the Chicago area with the best wife and two cool kids, whom he is trying to raise as horror nerds.

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