I waited all week for this to debut on ABC TV, in 1977.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Come back in time with me, to that groovy era they called the 70s where dinosaurs ruled the earth in big, heavy suits over miniature models & blue screens.

See how this B-movie cult classic was made & why it’s still beloved today.

Acclaimed horror filmmaker B HARRISON SMITH takes you a journey through time with interviews from Last Dinosaur star, JOAN VAN ARK, producer BENNI KORZEN and a stock of rare photos & materials straight from the vaults of Rankin-Bass Entertainment.

Written by:

B. Harrison Smith

Foreword by:

Rick Goldschmidt

“A true deep dive into not only the making of the movie, but also a study of the circumstances and the time period that birthed it – and best of all, taken straight from the memory of the then 9 year old or so Smith. That is what really made this such a joy – reading what seemed to be sections of my own memory dictated back at me, allowing me to inhabit the glorious earth toned years of the late 70s again! Smith’s perspective of the events unfolding in popular culture matched mine so closely that it was just gratifying to know that someone else out there remembered the same ephemera that I did, and held it as dear as I do. So I can’t recommend this book enough – come in the door for the deets on the Making of The Last Dinosaur (and I salute you if you do), but stay in the room for all the great childhood stories of why this movie means so much.”

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