“If you are into body horror stories, this one’s for you. A big mystery, horrifying monsters, and a non-stop pace that will keep you riveted and engaged all the way to a finale that makes the entire story worth to read. Fletcher shows are real ability for keeping the story advancing with an unrelenting forward momentum, and shows a great understanding of how humans can be worse monsters than the monsters themselves.”

“I would not call this story a standard creature feature: sure, there are tons of creatures, hungry for flesh and blood, yet there’s such top-notch characterization, so many intricate plotlines, such a thoughtful, albeit cold and sinister portrayal of science, that ‘Raven’s Creek’ transcends the boundaries of a typical horror novel and provides, on top of emotional turmoil and a pervasive feeling of dread, huge intellectual entertainment as well.”

“David-Jack Fletcher hits on all horror cylinders by operating at full capacity. Establishing a foundation of nano-serums, neuromuscular operatives and paralytic agents, Body Horror is at full tilt in this ample sized book. Throwing all ethics out the window, Fletcher blends bizarre abominations and brutal depravities allowing chaos to roam free within the pages of his disturbing novel. This read is not for the faint of heart.”

Raven’s Creek is a surprising, brutal, original tale that has you squirming and guessing through the entire story. The character development is top-notch. The monsters feel real–and they’re not always who you think they are. Bravo to Fletcher for a fast-paced dark story jam-packed with elements readers will love.”

Those are just a few of the amazing reviews for…

An abandoned motel.

A woman flees an unknown danger, taking refuge in a motel. She is never seen again.

A mad scientist.

A geneticist stretches the boundaries of nature. His experiments, once human, are now something else. Something new. Something hungry.

The couple.

Michael and his husband Geoff have lost something precious. Their search takes them to a motel. What they find there will reveal a cruelty neither knew existed. And creatures beyond imagination.

Welcome to Raven’s Creek.

Take a journey to Raven’s Creek if you dare, and get your copy today at:

Also available at:

Amazon UK     Amazon CA

Goodreads     Barnes and Noble

And don’t stop there! After reading and reviewing Raven’s Creek check out…

Readers Beware: This book is completely true. The murders. The spilled blood. The incident in the bathtub…

When Harry Peck kills a chicken, he never expects the scratching under the floorboards. Or the awful clucking coming from the darkness. As the haunting gets worse, it becomes clear what the chicken wants. It wants Harry dead. It wants his soul.

Can the mysterious Vegan Shaman save Harry? Or will his soul be devoured like … well, chicken?

Inspired by classic horror, this book explores the totally true history of animal hauntings and will make you think twice about eating meat… and then make you hungry for it.

International best-seller lists (2022) on Amazon:

– LGBTQ+ Horror
– Two-Hour LGBTQ+ Short Reads
– Gay Fiction
– Horror Comedy

“Beautifully developed characters and a story that progresses with the right pace in order to keep you hooked and asking for more the moment you finish this fantastic literary experience.”

“Irreverent and very, very funny, this story will make your belly ache and your eyes water from laughing. 5 stars.”

“‘Even though the bizarreness of this story reaches crescendos of demon chickens and exorcism, a steady undercurrent of morality remains a clever solid anchor that gives the story a compelling amount of passion. As lemon juice seeps from page to page, lessons are learned through barbaric actions and justice to be served moments of fictional fun. Fletcher has written a perfect balance of comedy & tragedy into his book, The Haunting of Harry Peck.’

Get your copy today at:

Also available at:

Amazon UK     Amazon CA

Goodreads     Barnes and Noble

About Author David-Jack Fletcher

David-Jack Fletcher is an Australian author, specialising in LGBTQI+ horror fiction. He dabbles in comedy-horror and dark fiction, but his true love is body horror. His debut novella, The Haunting of Harry Peck, is a 2022 Amazon international best-seller across several lists including Gay Fiction, Horror, and Two-Hour Literature.He has also appeared in several anthologies across the US, Canada, and the UK. David-Jack’s latest novel is due for release in 2023, and he is currently working on the next one: Indentured, which focuses on a pair of bloodthirsty cursed dentures. He is also a qualified editor, operating a small online business, Chainsaw Editing, where he specialises in copyediting and developmental editing for horror/thriller, dark fiction, mystery/suspense, and the occasional historical romance.When not writing and editing, David-Jack can be found on the couch with a book, cuddling his dogs and his husband. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

Visit https://www.fletcherhorror.com/ to:

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-Learn more about David-Jack Fletcher

And don’t forget to follow him on Twitter and Instagram, and “Like” his Facebook page!

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