Local three-piece DIY punk rock band Feasters is preparing to play a Halloween night basement show at an abandoned house with a tragic history. None of them particularly believe the rumors about the place being haunted, chalking it up to urban myth overtaking the truth. However, they do see opportunity. After all, what better way to attract a crowd of punks, horror fans, and morbidly curious individuals alike?

Many turn out to see the show, including a mysterious young woman with closer ties to the old house than anyone realizes. Before the show can begin, dark, supernatural forces are unleashed into the house. What was supposed to be a night of music and moshing quickly turns into a fight for survival as the band desperately tries to escape the house of horrors.


Noah E. Dominguez


Gianmaria Orlandi


Haley Rose-Lyon

Cover Artist:

Val Hal Halvorson

BASEMENT SHOW is described as “DIY punk meets Poltergeist meets Hellblazer #27.” Featuring 25 pages of story, this black-and-white one-shot comic is a love letter to both punk rock and horror, featuring nods and homages to classic bands and films.

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