The Adams Family Presents its Newest Feature, “Where the Devil Roams”

The Adams Family presents its newest feature, Where the Devil Roams – a dusty, diabolical tale of love, blood, and dark legacies that follows a family of side show performers along a dying carnival circuit during the Great Depression.  Fresh off its World Premiere at Fantasia Film Festival (where it won the Cheval Noir Award for Best Cinematography) and its Total Film Award wins at FrightFest for Best Film and Best Director(s), the film will have its theatrical release November 3rd in theaters across the United States, and its digital release to Rent and Buy at home November 7th on cable and digital platforms.

The Adams Family (parents John Adams and Toby Poser, alongside daughters Zelda and Lulu Adams) is the indie filmmaking team behind award-winning features Hellbender (Rotten Tomatoes’ #1 Rated Horror Film of 2022) and The Deeper You Dig.  Under the marquee of Wonder Wheel Productions since 2010, the family collectively writes, directs, produces, shoots, edits and performs in their films; their band H6LLB6ND6R is the musical foundation. 


In the dregs of Depression Era America, a family of performers travels a cold, dying carnival circuit. Seven likes books; Maggie’s fond of hammers; daughter Eve’s obsessed with scissors. On a ratty stage, quiet Eve sings for their supper, but off-stage their bloody side act is booming.

When the family’s bond is severed by a violent comeuppance, Eve is there to pick up the pieces. After stealing magic from a sinister Devil-dealing carny, the family’s gruesome act begins to shine. But Eve must continue to cut and sew, as the Devil guides them from below.

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