Prepare Yourself for a Tale of Horror in the House of 1000 Doors: Evil Inside Collector’s Edition, Available Now on PS5

Use the power of light to defeat a devastating darkness before it destroys mankind!

Ocean Media and Legacy Games are more than thrilled to announce the thrilling fruit of their partnership. House of 1000 Doors: Evil Inside Collector’s Edition is finally out on PlayStation 5.

When a strange creature descends from the clouds to spread a destructive virus across earth, The House of 1000 Doors appears near the home of a young woman named Emily. A photographer by trade, Emily unknowingly possesses a gift that can destroy the evil being. Within moments, she goes from developing photos in her studio to fighting the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.

Use the power of light to defeat a devastating darkness before it destroys mankind! Locate cleverly hidden objects, solve cunning puzzles, and complete challenging mini-games as you cleanse everything the infection has touched!

“I’m happy to announce House Of 1000 Doors: Evil Inside as Ocean’s release for PlayStation5. We’ve been working closely for the last few months to prepare this game just in time for this year’s Halloween, and I’m glad we made it. It’s a fantastic adventure game with a great story and mystery case to solve ” – Vedran Klanac, CEO Ocean Media LLC

Key features of House of 1000 Doors

  • Locate cleverly hidden objects
  • Solve cunning puzzles
  • Complete challenging mini-games
  • Use the power of the light within Emily to cleanse the evil
  • Stunning Artwork with cinematic quality cutscenes

Start your own thrilling adventure:

About Ocean Media

Ocean Media is a leading console publisher from Croatia. Ocean has been running its operation since 2006 with its headquarters in Zapresic, Croatia. With over 130 console releases it’s growing to become a major player in the sector. We’re providing a full publishing service for our partners including porting the games to all 3 major platforms (Switch PS4/PS5, Xbox) free of charge, sharing royalties from 1st copy sold, no recoupment.

About Legacy Games

Legacy Games is a leader in developing, publishing, and distributing high quality casual games on PC and console since 1998.  Its popular game packs are sold on Amazon, in Walmart stores and its website at

About ِAlawar Games

Alawar Entertainment is a games publisher since 1999. Our main areas of activity are mid-core games for experienced players, as well as casual downloadable games for PC, Consoles and mobile platforms. In this time, more than 500 game projects have been released, including bestselling titles such as: Do Not Feed the Monkeys, Farm Frenzy, Treasures of Montezuma, Necrosmith, Wall World and Beholder series.

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