People have reported encounters with monsters and the supernatural for centuries.

There are other worlds out of phase from our own but the walls between ours and theirs are thin.

Project Threshold is dedicated to containing or destroying intruding entities to keep humanity safe.

These are their stories…

Teams Berger, Talise, Riker have had their chances…

Now it’s time for…

Greed releases something without compassion or care. It’s sole purpose is to the cleanse the Earth of humans. Starting in Canada it destroys everyone it crosses path with, making its way to bigger settlements. Weapons won’t kill it and the only group who might be able to save humanity is Project Threshold.

“This book takes the common tropes of sci-fi and turns them on their head, offering a new lens through which to view familiar concepts. With an engaging and straightforward writing style, Crawford effortlessly takes readers on exciting and captivating journeys. The true charm lies in the characters—dynamic, relatable individuals who breathe life into the narratives. Their presence adds depth and relatability to the stories. A captivating read that reimagines the ordinary in the realm of speculative fiction. It offers a thought-provoking look at well-known sci-fi elements, providing a fresh and enjoyable experience for fans of the genre.”

“An amazing story! I hope it is not real. The characters seem quite realistic to me. I love this series and this book. The author has a very deft hand and pours out the words onto the page with the utmost care. There is not an extra or unnecessary word in the story. Fabulous writing! If you like short stories, you will love this series. Each adventure can stand alone. If you like long stories and intricate plots, you will derive plenty of enjoyment because all of these stories are connected in multiple ways. I am excited for the new batch of stories!”

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In a multiverse where the walls are thin between our world and others, Project Threshold stands between humanity and monsters crossing over to threaten us. Harris Berger and his team intervenes on our behalf. Death waits around every corner but dying isn’t the worst thing they have to endure. Berger wades in with his team: Sam, Billy, Jacks, Jessie, and their new recruit, Pendelhaven. Team Berger faces an unknown advanced civilization, mimics loose on the streets of Chicago killing homeless people, dealing with the aftermath of witnessing awful things, mermaids in the Midwest and an apartment where people start committing suicide for no apparent reason.

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Talise Randall leads Division-2, dropping in to protect us while trying to keep her own team safe. With minor psychic powers and learning from Kali who’s even more powerful, Bodi and Milla complete their ranks. Team Talise goes head to head with an unstoppable entity, an otherworldly jealous boyfriend, a haunted museum, a Victorian home with much more than a ghost, and her team discovers what happens to all those lost socks from people’s dryers.

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Series Reviews:

“This is the second Project Threshold book I have read. I love them. They are collections of well written stories that, at first, seem unfinished. Then you realize that they are all headed in the same direction and are connected. Each tells of a new monster or entity that a hush-hush arm of the military hunts. Each could also go on and you will wish that they did, they are that good. I very much enjoy these books and am looking forward to the next in the series.”

“This book is all about paranormal investigations and monster hunting. Everything that is unexplainable by science. You’ll get swept into the storytelling and it’s fast paced, riveting and leaves you wanting more. This book needs to be longer! I can’t wait for the next installment coz I just need to know what came through to earth.”

“This is a captivating horror/suspense story that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Craig Crawford masterfully weaves a web of intrigue and fear that grips the reader with an unrelenting sense of foreboding.”

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About Author Craig Crawford

Craig got interested in writing in middle school. He met up with a guy who introduced him to RPG’s, fantasy and science fiction, and most importantly, the idea of writing stories. Studying writing all through high school and college, he continued creating stories.

His first publication came with a gaming company called Palladium Books, creating an index for their role playing game, Rifts. The success of the first led to a second. After he concentrated on fiction, and in 2008 he connected with a group called the Wolf Pirate Project who taught him all about writing and editing.

More recently, he’s gotten hooked on writing short stories and has published ten to date with various small presses and magazines.

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-A history of the project

-A look at the bestiary

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