‘Dreaded Invocations: 14 Frightening Tales to Utter in Hushed Tones’

“This book is one that’s worthy of a five-star rating.”
— Quotes Rain on X.

Dreaded Invocations is a short story collection and the newest release from Anthony M. Caro, author of the acclaimed Tragedy Man: A Horror Anthology and the number-one Amazon seller Universal Monsters & Neurotics.

Purchase the book exclusively at Amazon on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Dreaded Invocations presents transgressive spins on pulp-style short story horror fiction. Read the garish tales of those too terrified to speak about their dark experiences.

* What troubles plague a man who seeks chat app-based therapy from the confines of a secret prison cell?

* Are those menacing calls to a babysitter really coming from inside the house?

* Does a vast treasure or mysterious fate await a double-crossing diver inside a sunken ship?

* Will a steampunk experiment’s artificially constructed man meet a friend or foe inside a mysterious cave?

* What vengeance does a self-exiled silent movie star have in store for former colleagues against whom he holds a grudge?

Discover the dread-inducing answers in this collection of 14 offbeat short horror stories. Fans of 1970s/1980s/1990s-style horror fiction may appreciate the modern spin presented in this book, which draws inspiration from classic comics, pulp magazines, and drive-in cinema.
Anthony M. Caro (Associate Producer: Pancake Man & Assistant Producer: Skate From Hell) has made Dreaded Invocations available at a reduced price on digital editions.

Dreaded Invocations hits 100 downloaded digital copies within three hours after the first advertisements hit the internet. A special promotional offer boosted Dreaded Invocations in the ranking for Horror Short Stories and Single Authors Short Stories.

Dreaded Invocations features the first-ever publication of “Loyal Gorzo,” the sorrowful tale of a 1950’s mad scientist’s assistant who struggles with his lot in life. Learn about Loyal Gorzo’s plight on the Horroriffic Podcast at: https://youtu.be/FuMDvjijpJM

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