A girl’s discreet attempt to assess her one night stand and his friends takes a deadly turn when she and her roommates host a dinner party where they unknowingly unleash a malevolent force.


Cass Huckabay, Alyssa Tortomasi, Gage Robinson, Saad Rolando, Ashwini, Ganpule, Grant Terzakis, and Larsen Deane

Directed by:

Nicolas Wendl and Dani Abraham

Written by:

Tanner Adams

“Right off the bat, Stupid Games is plain old horror fun.”

Stupid Games is a type of film to watch this summer with some beer and a pizza. It has charming B movie qualities and a familiar premise. That said, unlike some other films that toy with similar concepts but have a poorer execution, this feature has interesting, well-developed characters and ever-growing tension among them.”

“This indie horror defied many odds in my opinion having a very talented eye behind the camera, incredible lighting, and a twist on a concept that is relatable to many.

“…it is perfect for a Netflix and chill evening with spooky low-budget chills and maybe a monster or two. Stupid Games serves as a great example that if you have a story to tell, make your movie. However, it’s crucial to put in the effort to make it unique and distinctive. With a fantastic cast, high-quality production, and an original story, Stupid Games truly stands out.”

“Well paced and intelligently staged micro budget movie that’s entertaining throughout. The movie relies heavily on its simple premise but manages to add more intrigue with secrets the characters are hiding about the nature of what is really going on here. Terzakis shines in a stand-out performance that steals the show. As a big fan of complicated board games, it’s central prop feels authentic and the rules make sense, which keeps the viewer grounded as the rules of the rest of the world begin to bend toward the supernatural.”

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