Dark Comedy Horror/Thriller SCARRED TO DEATH Comes to Digital Platforms

BayView Entertainment have released the dark comedy horror/thriller film Scarred To Death on Digital Platforms worldwide.

Scarred To Death will arrive on AVOD Digital Platforms worldwide on 30th July 2024.

Director Joe Leone is a New York native sketch comic turned writer/director with over 200 festival selections, nominations, and wins – with over a dozen produced features.


Marina and her crew of college friends are ready to make a quick buck. After answering an ad placed by a grieving father looking for “proof ” that his son was murdered by ghosts in an allegedly haunted village, Marina plans to stage a spectral scene and collect the loot. When real, angry spirits emerge, Marina and friends may be the ones paying the price…

Scarred To Death was Written and Directed by Joe Leone. The film stars Arina Oz, Emily Renee and Andres Castro.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/WRK4VfrQ5Is

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