Creepy Cannibal Content Creator

Horror author turns to the creepy side of the internet to connect with readers.

“My first video to really go viral was about Issei Sagawa. I’d watched the Vice documentary on him and decided to make a video about his case. From there, I ran with cannibal fun facts and the internet can’t seem to get enough.” -Author Alyanna Poe

Author Alyanna Poe has been writing most of her life and self-publishing since Halloween 2019. In an effort to sell her books as a teen, she utilized social media to build a following of like-minded horror lovers, but how has this impacted how she sees people?

“Many of the comments I get are asking questions. I’ve learned that people are absolutely obsessed with taboo topics. They want to know about romantic cannibalism, how many calories per human body part, and even the macros in a human baby. I see it as curious fun because I grew up loving Halloween and horror, but some people see it as disgusting. I see nothing wrong with talking about it, especially as I often warn against why practicing cannibalism is unhealthy and deadly.” -Author Alyanna Poe

Her latest novel, MUKBANG, explores the relationship social media creators and followers have, focusing on obsession. MUKBANG follows a mukbang star and a cannibal-loving, psychotic fan. MUKBANG is in the splatterpunk genre, which is extreme horror with a social message. Poe’s novel begs the question, “How far would you go to go viral?” and delves into how social media can impact in-real-life relationships. Using her own experiences with social media and obsessive fans, Poe has written a novel close to her heart.

“With MUKBANG I explored topics I never have before. I grew a lot while writing it, and I think it even helped me be a little less obsessive with my phone and social media.” -Author Alyanna Poe

Poe continues to make creepy fun fact videos in an attempt to connect with fans of horror and entertain.

Author Alyanna Poe is a horror author from Northern California. She’s twenty-three years young and has been self-publishing her books since she was eighteen. Being born into the Poe Family, she and her mother did digging into her family history to discover she is a descendent of Edgar Allan Poe’s uncle. Unlike her gothic cousin, Poe writes splattery horror with a wry twist of sickening humor and tragedy.

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