In 2012, Blue Nile Pictures terrified horror fans with “The Awakened!”


The film received many positive reviews including one from HorrorHound Magazine, and was chosen as one of only seven feature films to be an Official Selection at Elvira’s 2012 Horror Hunt Film Festival. Now they are back to bring you…


“Five friends are haunted by an evil spirit after an interactive ghost hunting tour in Key West.”

Watching this film is going to be a truly haunting experience because…

-It’s a found footage film!

-It’s based on a true story learned while being on an actual ghost tour!

-It will be filmed in Key West, which was basically a Indian burial ground!

-The mysterious Spirit Box


The Ghost Hunt” is being brought to you by:

Juan F. Gonzalez: Writer of “The Ghost Hunt,” producer of “The Awakened” & founder of Ghost Hunt Pictures

Sophie Gonzalez: Creator of the story for “The Ghost Hunt,” & actress in “The Awakened”

David L. Sloan: Executive producer for “The Ghost Hunt,”& author who started the Ghost Tours in Key West


This is just an introduction to “The Ghost Hunt” because they want to offer horror fans exclusive access to upcoming information about the film. Click HERE to sign up for this access, and learn more about this film. Also, they have a Kickstarter campaign just around the corner, and you’ll want to be the first to get an opportunity at all of the awesome rewards, and contests they will be offering.


If you’ve been on a ghost tour, then you know how scary it can be!

If you’ve never been on a tour, you might never go on one after seeing this film!

Learn more about how they came up with this story, watch a ghost tour video, and sign up for exclusives at:

And don’t forget to follow on Twitter, & “Like” the film’s Facebook page!


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