Tom Riley invested every penny he had into buying a home at a Sheriff’s sale that he hoped to flip. Almost immediately unexplained events happened which led him to realize the house was possessed with the spirits of the previous owners. All the footage was captured on his cell phone and downloaded from the cloud server of 21 security cameras installed in the home by the previous owners.

Starring: Nigel Bach

Written and directed by: Nigel Bach


Bad Ben is getting some great reviews

“I love the premise and am a fan of thrillers so needless to say I was not disappointed. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire movie. I did not want it to end.”

“This movie works as an entertaining thriller due to good acting, I recommend it to fans of the genre, as it kept me engaged until the very end.”


And these from the Found Footage Critic

“the cinematography in Bad Ben is very well executed

“the purity of the footage in Bad Ben is consistently good. The film takes very few liberties with the found footage format and comes across as quite authentic

Bad Ben’s authentic cinematography and found footage purity lend an atmosphere that, at times, rivals even that of genre behemoths like Paranormal Activity (2007)

“the film is peppered with genuinely tense and creepy moments

“The story itself is quite engaging, gradually revealing hints around the house’s backstory as the film progresses. Bad Ben should effectively court fans of both sarcastic humor and genuinely frightening horror films.”

you should give Bad Ben a chance.”


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-How the movie was shot

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