Sunday Scares: “Super Zero”


Today’s Sunday Scares features a film that reminds us that there is a hero in everyone. You just need to be in the right place at the right time…


Super Zero is a film for the average, the eccentric, and the powerless. The film follows 23-year-old engineering prodigy Josh Hershberg, an overweight, lonely and terminally ill guy who’s given up hope that he matters to the world. As Josh contemplates what future, if any, is worth looking forward to, a zombie apocalypse breaks out and quickly ravages the planet. As the world crumbles around him, Josh discovers what makes him truly special and he realizes that the end of the world, became his reason to live.


Starring: Umberto Celisano, Giselle Gilbert, Al Bernstein, Tyler White, and Bobak Ferdowsi

Written and directed by: Mitch Cohen



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