Exclusive Interview with “The Mason Brothers” Keith Sutliff


-PH: You’re in L.A? Always been based there?

-Keith: Yes. Moved here about 5 years ago from Tampa Florida.

-PH: When did you come out? What was the motivation?

-Keith: Came out here at the age of 25 and wanted to pursue filmmaking and acting.

-PH: What was your first project? Did it shoot in L.A?

-Keith: My first project as a writer/director was a short film “Suitcase City” that was shot in Los Angeles.

-PH: How better a project is this latest one to the first?

-PH: A lot better. This is my first feature and we invested well into the production value of the project.

-PH: How do you think you’ve grown as a filmmaker?

-Keith: I learn something new with each film I do and I am always studying on how to be a better filmmaker.

-PH: What’s the film about?

-Keith: The film is about a group of brothers/criminals that get set up during a bank heist for 10 million dollars and them trying to seek revenge on their brother’s killer.

-PH: Tell us about your character.

-Keith: My character is Ren. The oldest and leader of the group. He lets his actions speak instead of his words as he doesn’t have a ton of dialogue. Very serious and quiet type who doesn’t like to mess around.

-PH: Can you relate to him?

-Keith: Of course. I see some similarities.

-PH: What is the strength of the film?

-Keith: The story and tight bond between the brothers.

-PH: It’s a tense ride – is tension and thrills hard to write?

-Keith: They can be for sure. But these are the stories I enjoy writing/telling.

-PH: Would you likely react the same in the same situation?

-Keith: I would. The character I wrote for myself I felt was pretty natural and how I would take in the pressure in that type of situation.

-PH: Where can we find the movie?

-Keith: The film comes on amazon video to rent/buy August 2nd and it is having another theatre release August 3rd in Sutter Creek Northern California.

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