Some Things Should Stay Buried…

Matt Frazer, a middle-aged, single parent is struggling to provide for his disabled son. His job at the Riversbend Quarry pays the basic bills, but the medical expenses are quickly piling up. Life has been increasingly difficult ever since the tragedy that cost his wife her life and his son to lose the use of his legs. One fateful day as they are blasting a previously undisturbed section of rock wall, Matt is shocked to discover that they had accidentally unearthed an entrance of some kind, leading deep into the mountainous wall. A fellow employee ventures into the darkness and returns a few minutes later carrying an object that is too farfetched to be true, but is real nonetheless.

Immediately phone calls are made, an injunction is filed and work is suspended. To look after the quarry’s best interests, Matt is reluctantly thrown in with a makeshift team of archeologists, paleontologists and biologists as they venture far into the tunnel and into depths unknown. What they find as they traverse deeper and deeper into the newly discovered cavern is beyond anything they could have possibly imagined in their wildest dreams.

However, as the discoveries start to become more and more bizarre, the team soon begins to understand that this cavern holds a dark secret, one that has remained buried for over four hundred years. As Matt and his colleagues frantically race back to the surface, they all too late realize that
…some things should stay buried.

Check out some of the early reviews…

Warren’s suspenseful story had me rooting for good guys all the way through the book. It had an ending that I did not expect. This author always manages to keep you guessing, and just when you think you have it all figured out, he changes the outcome. Well written, although quite creepy, story, that will make you want to keep the lights on!”

“A very good book. Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down. The characters were believable and I found myself rooting for the hero. The author made an implausible idea seem perfectly practical. It was a little gory for my taste but, we are talking about David Warren after all. I have read 3 of his 4 books and I look forward to the next one.”

“What I like the most about The Quarry is that it has a high body count of really innovative deaths. All of the deaths are extremely gory, descriptive and thought of outside the box. Hollywood should take note that this is how you satisfy the gore-hounds. It’s not always about churning out massacre after massacre so much as it’s about giving the audience something new to gawk at. As far as written word goes, The Quarry contains some of the most brutal kills that I’ve read in 2016 and 2017 so far.”

“Has more than you think. Really brutal, innovative and descriptive kills. Really tight character relationships and genuine heroes. Good read you can knock out in a few days.”

“I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it if you’re a fan of violence, suspense, and old school horror elements. Witty dialogue, family drama, and culture clash also line the pages in this new novel…”

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Nicole Carzon is an average, young college student, trying to cope with everyday life and an alcoholic father. Life has not been easy since her mother left; in reality, it was the source of the problem. Nevertheless, everything changed the day she received the letter. Her grandfather, having been estranged with his own son for years, shocks everyone when he bypasses her father and names Nicole as heir to his castle in England.

With an angry father and the summer off, Nicole and her friends decide now is the perfect time to fly overseas and meet with her late grandfather’s solicitor, Andrew Willis. Once they arrive, they are overwhelmed with the history and nostalgia pulsating from the 600-year-old Bodlum Castle. However, as Nicole and her friends soon come to realize, this castle has an ancient occupant. One that has been lying dormant and patiently waiting for hundreds of years…

It waits no longer

There are tons of great reviews for this fantastic book including…

“This story kept me wanting to turn the page to see what came next. It exceeded expectations for a suspenseful story. I recommend this one to all who enjoy this genre, it doesn’t disappoint!”

“What a fun read! Twists and turns all along the way. Likable characters, unique setting, great dialog.”

“What a wonderful find! Once I started this book I could not put it down. David Warren writes a brilliant story with appealing characters, spectacular twists and turns and an ending that I did not see coming! This was just grisly enough without going overboard!”

“If you like a fast paced read, with lively characters, a good plot, some twists and turns, and some blood and guts, then this book is for you.”

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About author David Warren

David Warren is the acclaimed author of the thrillers Jest, Replica and Frostbite, which have been praised by both critics and fans alike. The Quarry is his fourth published work. He has been featured on such websites as Shivers of Horror, and

When he’s not writing, you can find David attending his local church, reading a good scary story, playing the piano or spending time with his family in New Jersey.

You can find all of his amazing books on his Amazon Page!

And don’t forget to follow him on Twitter!

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