IT is time to meet Bloody Liz…

“My goal is to bring horror movie poster art back to it’s former glory. The hand drawn love and terrifying images from films like Tourist Trap and Chopping Mall have fallen away to Photo-shopped boring ‘sameness.’ Let’s bring back the horrifying images that made you want to rent a movie, just off of the cover art alone. Grab the attention of a new generation of horror fans and veterans of the genre.”

Enjoy some of her work…

Liz loves horror movies and making art, and wants this to be her career! Through Patreon and your help, she hopes to make this dream a reality as she explains in the video…

If you want to see all of the hard work it takes to make her art work, check out this awesome time-lapse video…

Now that you’ve seen her work, heard her pitch, and seen how she does it, please consider supporting her on Patreon

Get access to Patron-only content, sneak peaks, her chatroom, physical prints, a personal digital commission only sketch, and more!

For more information, please visit: 


You can also follow her on Twitter, and find her on the Terror Troop Podcast!

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