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Horror. Magic. Beauty. Terror. The thirteen works contained within have all of these and much more. Hear the tale of a man who bears witness to atrocities as he rides the rails with a monstrous family. Take part in a magical heist where the guard is invisible and one touch can kill. Learn the fates of a brother and sister whose intertwined stories have dark beginnings and darker ends. Join a man as he searches for his lost love and dreams of distant worlds and endless seas, knowing in his heart that we used to be more than this.

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What are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want? That is the question that haunts three childhood friends once they discover Mystery Cave, a place that seems willing to answer any question–and later–to grant any wish. However, once they realize that there is a high price to be paid for dealing with the thing that lies waiting and watching within the cave’s darkness, it may already be too late. Mystery follows these three friends throughout their lives, telling a tale of both friendship and murder, love and madness, that culminates with a shocking and horrifying climax.

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Since he was born, death and misfortune have followed Eric Talbot. Pursued as an adult by both human and supernatural forces, he begins to get answers to questions he was always afraid to ask and to see the larger pattern at work. As the lines of this dark pattern begin to converge, Eric is forced down a path that may not just mean the end of him…but of Everything.

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Perhaps you’ve seen your own obituary. Or you glimpsed terrible shapes in an alley as the world around you falls apart. Or you find yourself tied to a stake, remembering what brought you there as fire steals your last breath. In the seventeen tales of horror that lay before you, you will see all these things and more before you escape. If you escape.

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