Well-crafted stories filled with human frailties and dark secrets…

Palette of the Improbable offers tales painted in tones of tragedy, hues of horror, and shades of the morbid and macabre:

Voracious and curious about the meal before them, the 300 army ants wasted no time in digging their long toothed mandibles deeply into Hayden’s cheek.
Good Night, Sleep Tight

“By the moonlight that seeped into the room, I noticed something else. The baby I held in my arms was eerily still. I called out, “Eugene, Wake up! Daddy’s here,” but nothing happened.”
Baby in the Mirror

Standing before her was her father, robust and smiling, just as she remembered him. “Dad” Jacintha exclaimed. He didn’t say a word but simply held his arms out toward her. She happily hugged him, quickly forgetting he’d been dead for six years.
Final Audition

With unusual plot twists and compelling characters author Steve Vasquez depicts well-crafted stories filled with human frailties and dark secrets: a widower trying to get his stolen baby back from the entity that took it, an actress desperate for fame attracts the wrong kind of deadly attention and a wife who gets revenge on her husband in a grisly manner…these are just some of the stories found in The Palette of the Improbable.

Here are just a few of the 5 star reviews this awesome book has received…

Palette of the Improbable, the title says it all; improbable, or is it? LOL This is a collection of short stories that were fun to read and at times a bit chilling. The read is easy and moves along well, the author doesn’t waste a lot of time dragging the story on longer than needed, which helped me stay interested, instead he develops his characters quickly and thoroughly. After the second story I found myself comparing this to Rod Serling and the “Twilight Zone” stories. That is not an easy task to accomplish as Rod Serling was a master story teller of the improbable; I think the author has captured that essence well.”

“The stories are fun to read. Some of the stories have the same feel as Tales from the Crypt and the Twilight Zone. Vivid descriptions help set up the scenes and the characters for what is a twist of an ending.”

“Absolutely well written and enjoyable. Couldn’t put it down. Great stories with a bit of a “twist” in each one.”

“I’m really enjoying reading through all the short stories, each one giving me chills down my spine. I would recommend to anyone who likes a scary tale with a twist.”

“I have read many horror books in my time but this collection of short stories really stand out! From creepy dolls to viscous ants to time travel, the characters will suck you in while the suspense holds you captive until the very last page. The pace is fast, the humor timely and the writing superb but the best part? You will find yourself waking up in the dead of night and studying your mirror with a suspicious “What if”…Mr. Vasquez does an amazing job of making the improbable seem probable and isn’t that what horror books are supposed to do?”

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About author Steve Vasquez

Steve was born in San Antonio, Texas where he earned a B.A. in English and a B.A. in Communications. He loves writing stories that explore the darker side of human nature, often with twist endings. He lives with his wife, daughter and cat in San Diego.

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