221 Films, Inc first brought horror fans…

-Accepted into the NY Independent Features Film Festival
-Distributed on Netflix DVD, Amazon Prime & DVD, and Hastings
-Surpassed its investment in less than 2 years

-Won “Best Supernatural Short” Award at Atlanta Horror Film Festival
-Pending several festivals

-Won Best Director, Cinematographer, Composer, and Special Effects
-Distributed on Amazon Prime Worldwide, TubiTV, Comcast XFinity StreamPix, UDU Digital, and Roku
-On pace to surpass investment in less than 4 years of distribution

And now they want to bring horror fans…

Cryptid” is the quintessential creature feature throwback. We say throwback, but truth be told, it’s not a complete throwback, as in the 50’s sense. It’s more like a seventies or eighties throwback.

Films like “Alien”, “JAWS”, and “The Thing”, those kinds of throwbacks, the classics!

The story centers on a slacker journalist, named Max, who discovers that a series of grisly animal attacks in his sleepy little town of Maine is not what it first appears to be. Certain the authorities are on the wrong track, he takes it upon himself, along with his photographer partner Harriet, to uncover the mystery behind these gruesome killings before it’s too late.

It’s “JAWS” meets “Zodiac”: A little bit mystery, a little bit of a redemptive character piece, and a little bit of creature carnage. It is the Triforce of horror films.

We put together a proof-of-concept first scene of the film to give you a taste of the movie we can make together.

Written and directed by:

Brad Rego

Brad talks about horror…

“Horror movies will always have a firm hold on the watershed moments in my life. From the first time I saw a giant shark fly out of the water, I was hooked. As a natural extension from a kid watching adventure films and transitioning to more adult drama films, horror films allowed for that mysterious unknown element that branches off ever so slightly from reality. The faceless unstoppable killer, the talking doll, the stalking alien on a ship, all exposed me to elements beyond the everyday reality of life.

Fear was a huge catalyst for me,and horror movies allowed me to experience fear in the best way possible, from the safety of my living room. These movies I watched, transformed the ordinary and made it something surreal and terrifying. Turning normal shapes and shadows on my bedroom wall into the endless depths of a boy’s expanding imagination.”

Not only are they making an awesome horror movie, but they are offering fans a chance a unique investment opportunity…

Well, now, anyone can invest as little as $100 and own a piece of movie history. That’s right, history. No full length narrative feature horror film has ever offered equity to the general public in this manner. (That we are aware of). We are opening the door to anyone who wants to be an integral part of this magical process of filmmaking.

You’ll get an equity stake in the company Cryptid, LLC (As Non-Managing Membership Units, see Terms section). It’s only purpose is to make and market the motion picture “Cryptid” and to derive revenue from that intellectual property. The revenue generated by this film, will grant you a return on said investment plus 20%, and then once paid back, as a profit sharing revenue stream forever.

Not to mention, you will be part of the crew! Enjoy weekly updates and track your investment from the first table read through production, post, marketing, and sales. You’ll be there to experience it all.

Support the film today at:

Along with your investment, there are plenty of great perks available in return for your pledge to this campaign like…

-Receive a “Special Thanks” credit in the film, as well as on IMDB

-Receive one of the props actually used in the film

-Receive a piece of the creature suit

-Receive “Co-Executive Producer” credit on screen and on IMDB

Visit Cryptid on StartEngine to…

-Find out the short and long term goals of the film

-Learn about 221 Films, Inc

-Read more about this investment opportunity 

-Get a complete list of the perks

For more information, please visit:

And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter, and “Like” their Facebook page!

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