British Horror “Habit” Starring “The End of the F**king World’s” Jessica Barden Now on VOD


“Near Dark meets Let The Right One In” – The Horror Channel

“It’s horror, its crime, it’s a portrait of urban decay and seedy subcultures” – This is Horror

Kew Media is pleased to announce the North American release of festival hit British horror movie Habit starring Jessica Barden (The End of the F**king World), Elliot James Langridge (Northern Soul), William Ash (Hush), Roxanne Pallett (Wrong Turn) and Joanne Mitchell (Before Dawn).

Habit was awarded Best Feature and Best Screenplay at the New York City Horror Film Festival in October 2017 and has been shown at festivals across Europe. Now, for the first time, it is available to horror fans across North America on all major VOD platforms. A gripping ‘Elevated Genre’ movie and rollercoaster of crime, underworld, vampire cannibals, and strong performances, Habit is not to be missed!

From British director / producer team Simeon Halligan and Rachel Richardson-Jones, whose headline-grabbing previous horror film The Blood Lands was a hit at Stiges, FrightFest and ScreamLA, their latest feature film Habit is based on Stephen McGeah’s critically acclaimed cult novel of the same title. It follows Michael (Elliot James Langridge), and his chance meeting with Lee (Jessica Barden) that leads to a job at a seedy massage parlour called Cloud 9. After witnessing the violent death of one of the customers Michael experiences blood-drenched flashbacks and feels himself being sucked into a twilight world that he doesn’t understand but is irresistibly drawn to.

Michael, jobless and down on his luck is drawn into the city’s seedy underworld and is groomed by a secretive subculture who have a dark secret, a bloody addiction that they intend Michael to share. When Michael finds out what goes on in the room below Cloud 9, his life will never be the same again.

Stephen’s McGeagh’s literary vision combined with director Simeon Halligan’s visual flair makes for a powerful and heady mix; a vital piece of cinema, which encourages viewers to embrace the extremes of human behaviour. Habit is stark and grimy, lurid and ugly, with flashes of gaudy surrealism. Cinematographer James Swift’s neon lit colour palette helps to conjure a garish enticing night time world that contrasts sharply with the cold blue saturated world that Michael leaves behind. Chris Gill’s editing skills have given the film rhythm, instinct and emotion.

Simeon Halligan says:

“It was a pleasure working with the two young lead actors in Habit. Jessica Barden, known in the States for The End of the F**king World was feisty and challenging as Lee and brings incredible energy to the screen while Elliot James Langridge is perfect as Michael, a complex, introverted character who seeks salvation with the most unlikely of families. I’m so excited to be finally sharing a slice of British urban horror with our friends in the US.”

Habit also also features a fresh and arresting soundtrack, utilising exciting new bands alongside known artists such as The Coral. These tracks accompany specially composed music from Claude Foisy, known for his work on a multitude of horror genre films.

Habit is a Habit Films Production in association with A Not A Number and Tin Hat, available now on all major VOD platforms in North America, courtesy of KEW MEDIA.


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