Because you always knew the zombie apocalypse would begin in New Jersey…

Zombies, the mafia and murder, all in the state that America loves to hate!

Admit it, didn’t you always think the zombie apocalypse would begin in New Jersey?

When scientific research into curing both hunger and obesity goes terribly wrong, a fast moving plague is unleashed and sweeps across New Jersey. The state is abandoned by the country and sealed off from the world. The victims have become horrific mutations of their former selves. The inhabitants are left to kill or to die.

A soldier, a scientist, a detective, a mobster, a politician and a prepper, along with a beautiful yet dangerous woman from the Philippines, must come together during the first 48 hours of the outbreak and journey through chaos towards their only chance of escape on the Garden State Parkway—Exit Zero.

“Exit Zero is a combination of nerve racking tension, mind blowing action and riveting plot, making for an exciting read! The author takes you on a hair raising thrill ride through apocalyptic New Jersey, giving us Zombie fans plenty of flesh eating fun to chew on. The violence is beautifully executed, the plot is perfectly crafted in its speed and intensity, and the characters are wonderfully written. Exit Zero is a killer short story thriller!”

“Neil’s ability to blend fact and fiction with a sense of humor made Exit Zero a different and welcome experience for the Zombie genre. The interspersed illustrations were well done and at times shocking!”

“Exit Zero’ is simply a must read for any fan of the Zombie Genre. It epitomizes everything an account of a Zombie outbreak needs to be. Its characters are well developed without ever getting in the way of the fast paced and gruesome action contained within, and it simply gets to where it needs to without the need for padding or pretentious ramblings.”

“One word!! FANTASCTIC.. I highly recommend this book. Not only is a new and fresh take on the zombie virus, unlike no other, but it will keep you at the edge of your seat and wanting more!”

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And if you survive the beginning of the apocalypse, continue your adventure with book 2…

The zombie apocalypse never stood a chance—because it began in New Jersey.

It has only been a couple of weeks since the events of Exit Zero, yet in the Garden State, life goes on as usual—except it’s with zombies. The state is still sealed off from the rest of the nation, but those trapped inside have learned to adapt and overcome. President Callahan and the Post Conflict Restoration Corp are firmly in charge at the new Cape May, New Jersey based White House.

A new mutation has emerged targeting those that have survived infection of the Skell virus without reducing them to the whole flesh eating, brain melting, stomach transforming into a brain thing. The Virus Infected Non-Necrotic Individuals(VINNI’s) appear as if they are just a more physically fit version of you or me, but they are now biologically different and for unknown reasons are highly sought after by Post Conflict Restoration Corp .

The remainder of the Sullivan brothers are trying to find their own way in this new world. The prepper Ivan and his assassin wife Marifi are on the run and Gary Ragu is taking action to head the Jersey mafia. Dr. Woody has found new allies in his efforts to right the wrongs caused by his Modified Embryonic Animal Tissue (M.E.A.T), but can he trust them?

Welcome to Nuke Jersey, the future of America—and possibly the world.

“This series has me hooked! I can’t wait for more! The story is gory and suspenseful and the characters are hysterical! This exciting new take on the zombie outbreak is intelligent and creative and will have you ADDICTED!”

“These characters are great! I could read about them doing the most mundane activity and be completely entertained – That’s how beautiful they are. But watching them try to survive a zombie apocalypse, is totally captivating!”

“This is proving to be a fun series. It would be cool to see a comic book style rendition of this series. I can’t wait to see the next book! Get to work, Neil!”

“Read the book in one sitting after finishing Exit Zero cant wait for the next one i NEED to know what happens to several characters”

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And wait no longer cause the third book has arrived…

It is the eve of the first U.S. Presidential Election following the zombie apocalypse.

In Exit Zero, the first book of the Exit Zero Zombie trilogy, we witnessed the first 48 hours of the zombie apocalypse as it begins in New Jersey.

In the second book, Nuke Jersey, the Garden State is sealed off as a giant quarantine zone in an attempt to contain the Skell virus. The newly sworn in President chooses to lead the fractured country from Cape May. New threats and mutations emerge as the Skell virus grows strong, but is it Jersey Strong?

Zombie Democracy is the final book in the trilogy. The Skell virus has now spread nationwide, and the public has demanded an election be held between two rivals, the current President and his challenger, a smooth tweeting cyber-terrorist. And who are the Virus Infected Non-Necrotic Individuals, or VINNI’s, and why are they both sought after and feared?

There has never been an election season as crazy as Zombie Democracy.

Receiving some high praise…

“Toxie and I love this book! What Neil Cohen has done to New Jersey is a FanToxic Page Turner!” —Lloyd Kaufman, Pres. of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger

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About author Neil A. Cohen

Neil A. Cohen is an author who wanted nothing more than to contribute something to the Zombie Lit Genre’ of which he has been a fan for many years. His full time job allows him interaction with many types of federal government agencies and most of the services within the Armed Services. He has consulted with officers from both foreign and domestic military’s on how a true zombie pandemic would be responded to and managed. He tried to make the story based within the realm of the possible and consulted with representatives from World Health Organization, NATO, United Nations, FEMA and Emergency Management agencies nationwide to help craft the virus and its inception. While unlikely, nothing in this story is impossible. The sequel to Exit Zero, titled Welcome to Nuke Jersey, will be released in June 2017 with the third in the trilogy to follow.

Neil currently lives outside of Washington D.C. with his wife and two daughters

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