Finale Clips: Myx TV’s Filipino Horror “Youtopia”

Tonight, is the frightful finale of Myx TV’s horror mystery series Youtopia at 8/7c on Myx TV!

After weeks of investigating, Ryan and his unsettled friends hope to wrap up the mysterious disappearances around the neighborhood. Between hair-raising home videos and evidence of vampires, who knows if they will make it out alive, or at least make it out human…

Here are two clips from this week’s finale episodes:

Episode 11: In this clip from “Youtopia,” Ryan tries to warn Viv of Alex lurking in her home. He goes and tries to confront Alex but faces dire consequences.

Episode 12: Nica takes Ryan and Viv to a warehouse where their vampire master asks them to report to, but they get confronted by their former friends, out to make the two humans one of their own.

Didn’t catch the entire season or want to binge watch? The full season is available on

Finale tune-in: “YOUTOPIA” airs Wednesday, June 13th at 8/7c on Myx TV. The complete season will be available to stream online June 14th at

Series synopsis:
Mysterious kidnappings are happening in Ryan Magno’s neighborhood, and the latest sudden disappearance claimed his brother and two friends. As he discovers clues of their possible whereabouts through a series of his own filmed footages, he begins to unravel a mystery far bigger than their tight-knit community—a mystery as immense as the world of the Lunas, Sangres and Lobos.

Episode 11 synopsis: Ryan and Viv defend themselves against a friend turned enemy as their lives hang in the balance. The battle for survival starts.

Episode 12 synopsis: Will love prevail in the end?

About Myx TV:
Launched in 2007, Myx TV is the only English-language multicultural Asian American entertainment network in the United States, broadcast in more than 15 million households on cable providers such as Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Bright House and DIRECTV. The network is also available on digital platforms, offering on-demand content online and on OTT platforms such as Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Blu-ray and Sony Bravia. Myx TV’s award-winning programming includes reality shows, music videos, movies, and digital programming. To find Myx TV in your area and for exclusive content online, visit

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