“Let’s Not Meet” Coming to DVD and VOD

Shady Dawn Pictures, the indie film studio that produced modest successes such as “The Girl in the Cornfield” and “Messenger of Wrath”, is going to be releasing its latest horror flick at the end of the summer. On August 31st “Let’s Not Meet” will be screening in select theaters and dropping on DVD and VOD. It was written and directed by Ryan Callaway and he co-produced it alongside with his wife Amy Callaway and Sabine Davids.

Pizza Delivery Girl Aya Becker is making her last stop of the night when she realizes she’s been lured into a trap. During her escape she crosses paths with a group of campers enduring a terrifying nightmare of their own.

“Just about every day for the last 2 years, I’ve been listening to purportedly true scary stories narrated by a number of Youtube horror personalities – Corpse Husband, Swamp Dweller, Let’s Read, etc.,” Director Ryan Callaway explained his inspiration for the film. “Most of those stories are from the ‘Let’s Not Meet’ subreddit. My favorites have been pizza or food delivery and camping stories. Camping has always terrified me in general.”

Initially, Shady Dawn Pictures planned to shoot “One Winter Night”, a more traditional haunted house tale about an Orthodox Jewish family, over the winter. The major roles had already been cast and location scouting begun. Breanna Engle, who plays the pizza delivery girl in “Let’s Not Meet”, will also star as Maya Bloomfield when “One Winter Night” resumes production in early 2019.

“It was a difficult decision because Ryan has come up with an amazing, unique story in ‘One Winter Night’,” Sabine said, “but with the Orthodox Jewish angle, the snow we would need, and some other technical considerations we figured it best to give that film a little more time. We wanted to work on something, though, and Ryan had been talking about a ‘pizza delivery girl’ story for a while. It was important that we didn’t ‘settle’ for an in-between film, and I can proudly say we haven’t. I think viewers will be in for a treat. ‘Let’s Not Meet’ might be our most fun movie yet, and Ryan took a lot of risks that paid off.”

The film’s cast is a blend of both SDP regulars and newcomers. Carmine Giordano, Hiram Ortiz, Tiffany Browne-Tavarez and Ken Llamas have all appeared in recent films, while Breanna Engle, Kate Kenney, Georgette Vaillancourt and Millie Ortiz worked with Ryan Callaway for the first time. According to all involved, especially the campers, it was a bonding experience. A couple of times, they filmed from sundown to sunrise, typically in colder, sometimes snowy weather in March and early April.

“Very long days,” Millie commented on the experience, “but I’ve been learning so much and I’m going to miss this cast and crew for sure. Can’t wait to share (this movie) with you all.”

Watch “Let’s Not Meet” on August 31st and for updates stay tuned to the official Facebook page.


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