Watch this New Feature Length Documentary “More Blood!”

Short Synopsis

A documentary that takes a look at why society likes to watch death and gore in movies.


Society has been entertained by death and gore even before television was invented; It has always been a source of curiosity. Have you ever wondered why you root for people to die in movies or why you laugh hysterically when you see someone’s head explode? Why do people  love watching this stuff? Inquiring minds want to know!

In this documentary we take a look into why this is; to hopefully get a better understanding and to feel better about ourselves knowing we’re not alone in this morbid fascination.

Full Movie:

OSI 74(online and on Roku):


“More Blood!”

Produced by Wretched Productions

In association with Charlie Pennell Productions


Director Heidi Moore

Editor Charlie Pennell

Colorist Shawn Dyer

Poster Artist Justin T Coons

Graphic Designer Stephanie Malone


Lloyd Kaufman – Troma Entertainment

April Burril – Chainsaw Sally

Jay Kay – Horror Happens Radio Show

Daniel Murphy – Producer/Director HM&M Films

Tom Komisar – Writer/Director HM&M Films

Jasmine Martinez – Bitches of Horror

Cassandra Sechler – Dreams For Dead Cats Productions

Chelsea Opperman – Horror analyst

Jeremiah Rosario – Thirteenth Floor

David Wronski – Thirteenth Floor

Jason Thompson – Bad Seed FX

Kim Culpepper – Femme Creatif Productions

Robert Soffian – Writer & Director, Film history professor

Preston Fassel – Author of Our Lady of the Inferno


Instagram: @morebloodmovie

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