A macabre anthology of horrifying short stories…

“I see him going back down, the arch of his head, the jagged way he moves, gelid eyes in milk-sweating sockets.”

From the twisted mind behind the infamous No Sleep story Mummer Man comes this extensive anthology of twelve bone chilling tales, each designed to keep you up at night. David Sharrock has been hailed as a master of modern horror and is one of Reddit community No Sleep’s most celebrated writers.

All the stories you find between the covers of this book are one hundred percent true.

Even if they’re not.

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Han Luth, Operations agent and starfarer, seeks the tranquility of Earth but instead finds himself mixed up in a perilous OHQ mission. Powerless to escape the clutches of his ruthless superiors, Luth finds himself thrust into an epic struggle for survival on a journey spanning the length and breadth of space and time. Only the mysterious Tourists, wily superhumans who live within the capricious wavelength of time, can save him. But, as Luth is about to find out, not everything in the timestreams, including the continuum itself, is ever quite as it seems. . . Transitor is a fast paced, crunchy and action-packed sci-fi thriller from the pen of novelist David Sharrock, now in its second edition with exclusive cover art by Hagen Landsem.

“a sprawling, epic tale of a high tech future where humans and synthetics exist alongside each other, where transport to distant worlds isn’t just possible, but routine.”

“Transitor is an exceptional novel of scope and manages to ask some very serious questions without getting bogged down despite some very detailed technical information. The plot is very original, thought provoking with just the right pace, filled with rich and detailed characters. This is hard science fiction as it should be and no reader of science fiction should miss it.”

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David is also a featured author on the Simply Scary Podcasts Network! His stories can be found on No Sleep Podcast, Chilling Tales For Dark Nights and Scary Podcast. Listen to “Mummer Man” today at…

About author David Sharrock

David Sharrock is a 43-year-old artist and writer with a deranged interest in scaring people with words, a personal amusement which never seems to get old. He lives in a small haunted cottage on the Cornish coast in the company of his wife, two children and a spectral girl who likes to hide the car keys.

Sharrock sometimes writes the odd horror story on Reddit’s NoSleep under the pseudonym Suddenly Satan and is best known for his tales, Mummer Man and The Weirdness, both of which feature in Reddit’s all time best-of index (single story and series compilation categories).

Sharrock also enjoys writing role-playing games and has recently written and illustrated an apocalyptic Lovecraftian horror RPG called Strange Aeon (available to purchase at the publisher’s website

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