A custom set of playing cards with a theme based on steampunk, science fantasy and ancient alien technology…

The playing cards contained in the first series are high-quality illustrations of some of the main characters in the Llod’s Carnival book. The characters are expertly designed to illustrate their special steampunk devices that enhance their natural innate abilities. However, they may pay the ultimate price for exploiting the technology without fully understanding the ramifications. The bottom pose of each character demonstrates the potential outcome if they decide to overuse and abuse the technology. The character transforms into a ghastly and dying image of their former self from the toxic alien radiation which emanates from their steampunk gadgets.

These playing cards are limited edition and only 1000 decks will be printed! This deck is the first deck of a 3-part series. The future decks of this series will expand to include other incredible characters within Llod’s Carnival and its origins. Each playing card will contain symbolic references. You will need to look closely and examine each character to draw your own conclusion of what you think it means.

Check out some of the cards…

Llod’s Carnival Book:

The book is about a group of college students discovering their true identity, fears and learning how to survive based on life-changing decisions. Their journey takes them to a bizarre steampunk carnival where rides and games are not what they appear to be. The experiences will forever change who they are while they discover and face their inner fears. The carnival will forever be a part of them. If they risk telling the truth, then they will put their family and themselves in mortal danger. The book is slated to be released on October 31, 2020.

Tuck Boxes Trio

The tuck box is visual eye candy that brings your eyes front and center. The beautiful Cassandra does not disappoint with her flowing hair, enchanting eyes, and a dress that she fills and expects your immediate attention. At the top, are highly detailed pips that are symbolic of ancient Egyptian times.

The backside of the tuck box is complemented with painterly scenery from Llod’s Carnival. The carnival can be seen in the distance with its famous star wheel amusement ride attraction. In the foreground, approaches Llod’s train with its signature winged horse engine which pulls the locomotive forward. The train engine spews out a trail of green toxic fumes that can be seen for miles and glows in the night sky.

On the side of the box, a nighttime scene evokes feelings of solitude with a floating balloon rising towards the heavens. Directly behind the balloon is Orion’s belt which illuminates the night sky in the distance. It’s believed that extraterrestrials come from that distant part of the sky.

The tuck box design is unique when placing 3 tuck boxes together. If you place the front, side, and back together, it will display a brilliant panoramic view.

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Visit Llod’s Traveling Carnival Playing Cards on Kickstarter to…

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And don’t forget to visit www.conethgames.com to see in-depth information about each character, interactive cards, and within the next few weeks you will be able to see the first rudimentary designs and sketches and see the evolution of every character in each phase of the design process.

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