The H2F2 Film Festival Returns for a Weekend of Indie Horror Madness Sept 10th – 12th

The H2F2 Film Festival Returns for a Weekend of Indie Horror Madness September 10th to 12th at the Sharonville Convention Center!

After being a virtual only film festival in 2020, the H2F2 Film Festival returns as part of the 2021 Fall HorrorHound Weekend at the revamped and renovated Sharonville Convention Center September 10th to 12th! Returning with a bang, the festival offers a devilish buffet of independent horror cinema that will present pass holders diverse genre programming, workshops, filmmaker Q&As, guests, a virtual film market, and an absolute explosion of premieres as only HorrorHound events can do!

After a 30-month absence since the in-person HorrorHound Weekend and Film Festival, one of the largest horror events returns to the Sharonville Convention Center (11355 Chester Road, Cincinnati, Ohio) the weekend of September 10th to the 12th. Featuring a ton of guests, vendors, and events, the weekend will also feature the acclaimed H2F2 Film Festival. Voted as one of the “Top 100 Best Reviewed Festivals” on FilmFreeway, the H2F2 Film Festival will be moving forward with a new Festival Director named R. Zoe Judd and HorrorHound Staff Writer Jay Kay. Taking control during the pandemic, the H2F2 Film Festival had their Fall film festival under Judd’s direction and experience. Coming from the F3: Frankly Film Festival in Ohio, Judd is a lifelong horror fan, Festival Director, and longtime filmmaker who brings a new vision to the growing horror film festival under the HorrorHound banner.

Joining Judd is HorrorHound staff writer Jay Kay. Kay has been with HorrorHound since 2017 in different capacities. He is known for his work as a horror film festival journalist, film festival programmer, moderator, and film festival traveler. During both of the 2021 H2F2 Film Festivals, he was the acting “Features Programming” and a part of the programming team. For the Fall 2021edition, he will be heading up the virtual H2F2 Film Market. “It’s an honor to be working with Judd and this team on such exciting endeavors going forward as a part of HorrorHound. We have big plans ahead for H2F2!”

The fall edition of the H2F2 Film Festival will feature over 50 programmed titles (shorts and features) and a slate of events including special screenings, Q&As, panels, workshops, networking, and afterhours. The programming slate is vast and reflects the dark corners of the genre. Happy to be returning and giving the fans a quality festival experience, Festival Director Judd said, “With this being our first Cincinnati show since March of 2019, my amazing team andI are excited to present the newest and best in indie horror out there! We can’t wait to join the fans, celebrities, and filmmakers in a celebration of horror films globally.”

H2F2 Film Festival Features Canvas – Ryan Guiterman (75:00/USA)

When a demon known as ‘The Painter’ comes to Earth, FBI agent George Rohan finds himself tasked with covering up The Painter’s multiplying murders. Meanwhile a journalist, Reila Martin works to unveil George’s growing web of lies.


Dark Night of the Scarecrow 2 – J.D. Feigelson (85:00/USA)

Chris Rhymer and son Jeremy move to a small town, unaware of the horror that occurred there forty years earlier. While seeking Jeremy, Chris finds an old weather-beaten scarecrow and tells her troubles to the limp figure. Then the town’s horror begins again, as the scarecrow becomes her unseen protector.


Don’t F**k In the Woods 2 – Shawn Burkett (77:00/USA)

The counselors of Pine Hills Summer Camp are getting the grounds ready for the season. While they set up, a mysterious girl enters the camp after a night of bloodshed. And there are things following her as well.


Forgotten – Richard Turke (106:00/USA)

A deranged man kills a prostitute, then kidnaps her babies to appease his wife. As time goes by, he continues to kill to hide the truth of what he did until their home burns to the ground. It appears as if all of them perish, and their secrets are lost forever until years later, when a young woman flees to her uncle’s cabin and away from her abusive boyfriend. After she arrives at the cabin, she begins to hear a child’s voice looking for her mother. As the young woman and a retired detective dig deeper, they will realize this series of closely related tragedies can no longer remain forgotten.


Fresh Hell – Ryan Imhoff and Matt Neal (79:00/USA)

In the dog days of 2020, a year in which every hour brought a new horror, a group of old friends stumble across a very different flavor of terror. Blood. Chuckles. Very cool 😉 Built to capture the spirit of a damned era: the horror of it all, the forced smiles and over eager laughter over Zoom, the collective anxiety of a world gone mad, Fresh Hell is a brutal, absurd, and strange tale. Much like 2020.


I Dream of a Psychopomp – Danny Villanueva Jr. (80:00/USA):

A widower haunted by the distressed ghost of his recently deceased wife is visited in his dreams by a psychopomp who teaches him about the spirit world and soul guiding through stories of death and the supernatural.


Mareld – Ove Valeskoo (95:00/Sweden):

A film team sets off on a catamaran to make a thriller. They come across surprises and in the end, you can’t distinguish between reality and fiction. In the film, we follow the fictional and documentary events in parallel.


Red Snow – Sean Lynch (77:00/USA)
A struggling vampire romance novelist must defend herself against real-life vampires during

Christmas in Lake Tahoe.

Shakespeare Sh*tstorm – Lloyd Kaufman (80:00/USA):

Two decades after “Tromeo and Juliet”, Lloyd Kaufman and The Troma Team go Back to The Bard for a TROMAtic adaptation of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”.


Shelter in Place – William Malamut (50:00/USA):
All out of pills, an aspiring screenwriter with mental illness is trapped in his home with a sinister

imaginary friend from his troubled past.


The Bloody Man – Daniel Benedict (133:00/USA):

In the 1980s, and after the death of his mother, Sam is struggling with family, friends, school, and the evilest being he can imagine – The Bloody Man, who is unknowingly summoned and will stop at nothing to destroy everything Sam holds dear.


The Parker Sessions – Stephen Simmons (72:00/USA):

A troubled young woman with a disturbing past goes to see a counselor about her night terrors. Shot in high contrast black and white and split up into four acts. This nightmarish plot will keep the audience guessing until the final act.


The Silver Stream – Myles Erfurth (99:00/USA):

Spencer Charnas and his fellow band members of the band Ice Nine Kills are stalked and hunted by a masked psychopath during their covid-19 livestream concert hosted by none other than Bill Moseley.


Tom and His Zombie Wife – Kevin Short (79:00/UK)

Tom vows to love and protect his Zombie Wife til death do they part. So Shall It Be.


Tombs of the Blind Dead (Restoration Presented by Synapse Films) –


Medieval knights executed for their black magic rituals come back as zombies to torment a group of vacationing college kids.


With the schedule and updates posted up at, the festival will have two screening rooms featuring a lineup of 14 (feature) films, 4 short film blocks, 3 workshops, 3 panels, filmmaker Q&As, a virtual film market, and the H2F2 Film Festival Awards! The short film blocks will feature the acclaimed shorts like Minsun Park & TeddyTenenbaum’s Koreatown Ghost Story, Anthony Williams’s Wich, and Venita Ozols-Graham’sWho Wants Dessert? Plus, the “World Premieres” of Michael Squid’s Dice and Akira Suzuki’sHorror of the Underworld.

The features slate will offer something for every visitor to the H2F2 Film Festival including the “World Premiere” of Shawn Burkett’s Don’t F**k In the Woods 2 and Dark Night of the Scarecrow 2. Bill Moseley plays Bill Moseley in the covid, horror concert filmThe Silver Stream. Cinema legend Vernon Wells hunts vampires in Red Snow while Synapse Films will present their restoration of the 1972 film Tombs of the Blind Dead. H2F2 will also have a special “Midnight Screening” of Troma’s Shakespeare Sh*itstorm with Filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman in attendance!

The H2F2 will have selections from 9 different countries with a total of 8 World Premieres over the weekend. H2F2 will also present filmmaker focused panels and workshops as well as the first virtual H2F2 Film Market offered for attending filmmakers that have completed projects to horror film distributors. HorrorHound will follow up their physical event and film festival with a special virtual HorrorHound Rewind weekend two weeks later September 24th to 26thchronicling curated H2F2 Film Festival selections, events from the weekend, and more at For the Spring 2022 H2F2, Judd and Kay will be joined by a new “Head Short Film Programmer” and “Head Features Programmer,” beginning a new era for H2F2.

For More Information on the H2F2 Film Festival and HorrorHound Weekend:

HorrorHound Film Festival

HorrorHound HorrorHound Weekend

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